You decided you want to be a yoga teacher? Now what?

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Post Updated on February 14th, 2017

Yoga is a journey, an amazing one. There is a point in that journey that the road splits. Some people are happy staying a student, and some find themselves wanting to become a yoga teacher.

About a year ago, I had that shift take place and realized that I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I have a huge passion for yoga and would find so much joy in sharing that passion with others.

Once I decided that I wanted to become a yoga teacher I did the following things to achieve that goal.

Note: You will have to start with the 200-hour certificate, then you can go on to get your 300-hour and 500-hour.

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Step by step guide on what to do if you want to become a yoga teacher.

Steps to Becoming a Yoga Teacher

1. Find your ideal schedule

When are you available for training? The most common schedules offered by programs are intensive (usually in the summer lasting from 4-6 weeks), weekends (usually one weekend a month for 8 months), weekdays (usually one day a week for 8months).

2. Decide what your must haves are

Talking with my yoga teacher and mentor helped guide me to knowing what I actually wanted out of a program. After talking with her,  I knew that I wanted to have a generalized program that had a large emphasis on alignment and making adjustments. I also really wanted to learn about Ayurveda and Acro Yoga.

3. Start your search with a valid resource

I wanted to make sure that the yoga teaching program that I ended up in was reliable and legit. After doing some research I came across the Yoga Alliance website. This website is a database for all Yoga Alliance certified yoga programs. Make sure you are using this site to make verify that the program you choose is certified.

I picked 5 programs in my area that aligned with my schedule and met some or all of my must have’s.

4. Scope out programs

I really wanted to get a feel for each program before I made my decision. By visiting the studios, talking to the lead teacher of the program, taking a class from her, and sometimes even talking to students of the program, I was able to get a really good sense of what each one would be like.

All the teachers were very accommodating and didn’t seem to mind at all that I was scooping it out. I was even allowed to join in on the current teacher training for a couple of hours for one of the programs.

5. Apply

After checking out my possible programs, it was very clear which program was best for me. Devanadi was my top pick. It was in my area, had a program offered for the time I needed, and included all of my “must haves”. Plus,  the teacher is extremely knowledgeable and I knew that I would learn so much from her.

The application process you go through will probably include answering some essay questions, filling out paperwork, and paying your deposit. (Side note, if you apply earlier enough and pay in full you can get an early bird discount at most studios.)

6. Prepare

I was so happy to be accepted to my first pick! Hopefully, you have the same experience. Once you have been accepted to a program, you should start preparing. From me this included, reading the first book on the required texts, amping up my yoga to an almost daily practice (read how I did this) and buying a few more yoga props. I wanted to have a mat, blocks, a strap, and a yoga blanket before I started. I wish a would have gotten a bolster before our first weekend of training, as it makes sitting on the floor for hours at a time much more comfortable.

7. Enjoy the process

There is so much to learn and you may feel overwhelmed, but enjoy the process. Be grateful for all of the new information that you have to enrich your life, your families life, and the lives of your students. Once you complete this training you will have a new outlook on life and it will be totally worth it.

I wish you lots of joy and happiness on this journey!

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