Yoga Music Mantras & Chants

This calming yoga music mantras & chants playlist would work very nicely for meditation or a home yoga practice. It is broken into three 30-minute segments, which makes it perfect for a 3, 60, or 90-minute practice.

These yoga music mantras & chants are all free with Amazon Prime. The playlist has 3 30-minute segments, which makes it great for a 30, 60, or 90-minute practice.

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Yoga Music Mantras & Chants Playlist

All of these songs are free with Amazon Prime.
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Segment 1-30 minutes

Soulmerge by Ashana (9:36)

Light of My Soul by Ajeet Kaur (5:14)

Om Asatoma by Yoga Mantra featuring Deva Premal and Miten (7:17)

Heart of Gaia by Ashana (8:34)

Segment 2-30 minutes

Still Light on Water by Ashana (9:58)

Morning Salutation (Relaxing Rhythms and Tibetan Flute) by Yoga Tribe (2:19)

And Breathe (Native American Flutes) by Yoga Tribe (4:07)

Native Centering (Soothing Native Flute Melodies) by Yoga Tribe (4:08)

Hymn by Ashana (9:29)

Segment 3-30 minutes

Tu Eres by Ashana (8:32)

Ganeshaya by The Yoga Mantra and Chant Music Project (4:48)

Lotus Position (Singing Tibetan Bowls) by Yoga Tribe (1:59)

Om Namo by Deva Premal (7:28)

Tibetan Bowl Concentration (Evening Exercise) by Yoga Tribe (1:14)

Savasana Glow by David and Steve Gordon (6:58)

Bonus Mantras

The Gayatri Mantra is my absolute favorite mantra. I was taught this mantra in my yoga teacher training and use it almost daily.

Gayatri means the feminine energy of the sun and mantra means protects the mind. This is a nourishing mantra that is an obstacle remover. It brings light to illuminate your path and is great to use for clarity and during pregnancy.

Another mantra from my yoga teacher training is So Hum, meaning “I am That,” “That I Am,” “The Universe & I are One.” This mantra is grounding and great for the Vata dosha. It is about being where you need to be, even if it is uncomfortable.

If you are looking for an even calmer playlist check out my Extremely Relaxing Restorative Yoga Music Playlist. I also have a whole category dedicated to yoga playlists! Enjoy!



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