My Yoga Journey

Yoga Journey

This blog is all about sharing my yoga journey and helping you on yours! I have created this timeline so that you can easily see the progressions that I have made. You will find key moments for my yoga, as well all of my monthly yoga reports. These reports are a great way for you to see a more detailed look at what I did that month with my yoga. I record the poses that I am working on, all of the yoga and exercises that I do, and my healthy habit for the month. The images for the monthly reports are not of me (yet!), but you will periodically see pictures and videos of me practicing yoga throughout the timeline.

I will update this timeline monthly, so that you can stay up to date on my journey.

I would love to hear about your journey with yoga in the comments below! When did you start yoga? When did you do you first headstand or handstand? I would also love to help you on your journey. So if you have any questions about yoga or need any advice feel free to comment or head on over to my contact page to shoot me an email. I will reply to your comment or email and maybe even turn the answer into a whole blog post!

I hope you enjoy my journey, I am certainly enjoying being on it!