9 Relaxing Yoga Bolster Pillow Poses

10 Relaxing Yoga Bolster Poses (1)

9 Yoga Bolster Pillow Poses: A Relaxing Sequence

It took me a long time to invest in yoga props. Other than my yoga mat, I didn’t have any other props. I kept telling myself that I didn’t need them. A mat is all you need, right? While that may be true, they definitely add a lot to a yoga practice. The best prop I bought was a bolster. Yes, you do need to spend a little money.  But, trust me the yoga bolster pillow poses below will make it worth it.

Yoga Bolster Pillow Poses


-provides relief from women’s issues, cold and flu symptoms, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and more

-prevents disease

-helps reduce obesity

-gives you more energy


Since most of these poses are lying on your back, this sequence should not be done during pregnancy.

There are some experts that believe you shouldn’t do the poses with elevated hips during your period.

If you have a serious eye problem, avoid this practice.

If you suffer from serious back or neck problems, only do this practice under the supervision of an experienced teacher.

As aways, consult your doctor before beginning any new physical practice.


You will need a wall and a yoga bolster pillow (yoga mat is optional) for this practice. If you don’t already have one, I would highly recommend getting a Bean Products Bolster.

This sequence will relax you and would be great to do before bed. Hold each pose for 3-5 minutes.

Supported child's pose

  1. Start in child’s pose with the bolster supporting your stomach, chest, and head. Turn your head to face the other side half way through your time in this pose.

Supported laying twist

2. In this supported twist, you can have your leg bent or straight. Your head can rest on either side.

Supported laying bound angle pose

3. Start in bound angle pose and then lay back on your bolster. The bolster should be touching your lower back before you lay back.

Supported bridge pose

4. During supported bridge resting your hands on your stomach and feeling your breath rise and fall gives an extra calming effect.

Supported laying figure four pose

5. Laying supported figure four is great for your low back, hips, and glutes.

Supported laying bound angle pose inverted

6. Supported inverted bound angle pose is a great hip opener.

Supported laying wide angle pose

7. This supported laying wide-legged pose may not be comfortable for you. If it is not comfortable, enter the pose, but then bend your knees and place the bottoms of your feet on the wall.

Supported legs up the wall

8. Supported legs up the wall is often a favorite. If you tend to hyperextend your knees, you may want to bend your legs and place the bottoms of your feet on the wall in this pose.

Supported savasana

9. End your practice by laying in supported savasana for 10 or more minutes. When you are finished with your savasana begin by making small movements in your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes and deepen your breath. Then roll onto either side, pausing there for three deep breaths before coming up to a comfortable seated pose. Spend a couple of minutes watching your breath, take a moment to give gratitude for your practice and then blink your eyes open.

Buying a Yoga Bolster Pillow

This post is not sponsored but may contain affiliate links. Through these links, I get a small commission if you purchase something, at no extra cost to you. Please know that I only recommend products that I love and personally use/research. Thank you for supporting Journeys of Yoga.

When I finally realized what I was missing out on by not having a bolster, I started researching to find the best one. Many of the comments from people who had purchased a bolster talked about their bolster being lumpy, brick-like, or worst of all chemical smelling. I have a very sensitive nose and knew that I couldn’t enjoy using a bolster if it smelled. Yuck.

So, my search for the perfect bolster continued. Every bolster had at least some reviews that commented on the gross smell. I almost gave up and ordered one with the least amount of “smelly” reviews.

Fortunately, I found the Bean Products Bolster right before I settled for a smelly product. There was not one person who commented about a bad smell. In fact, many people commented on the lack of smell. Not only that, but there were many reviews talking about the nice firmness and there was no mention of lumpiness.

There are several colors available, as well as many that are made from organic cotton. Many are Amazon Prime.  I ordered the navy color (not the organic one) with the rectangular shape.

Because I ordered with Prime, the bolster came just two days later. I am happy to say that it came straight out of the box without any smell!

There were cheaper options, but I am so glad that I didn’t settle. Now I have a bolster that I actually enjoy using. This isn’t something that is going to wear out quickly. A bolster could probably last you 20+ years of yoga practice. So in my opinion, you might as well do it right the first time. Otherwise, you are going to have to replace it in the near future and spend even more money.

There are so many poses you can do with a bolster! Most of them are restorative, which has become my favorite type of yoga. In fact, it’s hard to have a good restorative session without one.

If you are interested in Restorative Yoga, you may also enjoy Yin Yoga. Yin Restorative Yoga: What is the Difference will help you understand the important differences between these two great types of yoga.

Are there any yoga poses that you use a bolster for that I didn’t mention? Share below in the comments!




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