The Stickiest Yoga Mat: Yoga Teacher Recommended

As a yoga teacher and someone with very sweaty hands and feet, it has been very important for me to find the stickiest yoga mat possible.

I was so tired of slipping around, especially in down dog. Yoga mat after yoga mat wasn’t solving my issue. I was about to give up on my search and accept the slipping and sliding, but then I found a mat that was sticky enough for me! In fact, I found three mats that keep me from slipping.

Are you looking for the stickiest yoga mat? These 3 mats will keep you from sliding on your yoga mat. Yoga teacher recommended!

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Stickiest Yoga Mat #1: Jade Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga mat is my go to mat. I use it almost every day. It has the perfect amount of grip so that I don’t slide. It is made in the US from an eco-friendly natural rubber and for every mat sold Jade plants a tree. To learn more about Jade Yoga mats, check out Jade Yoga Mat: An Honest Review.

The only downside I see to my Jade is that it is on the heavier side. It may be too heavy if you plan on traveling with your mat. But other than that, it’s amazing.

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Stickiest Yoga Mat #2: Lululemon Mat

These mats are even stickier than the Jade mats. I don’t slip on a Jade, but if you do, this would be a good option.

The Lululemon mat can even get a little too sticky if you are working on not flipping your toes one at a time (your feet will make a squeaking sound when you push your toes back) or jump throughs (see videos below). If you are working on these two things, a Jade may be a better option.

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This video of mine demonstrates toe flipping.

This video demonstrates a jump through.

Stickiest Yoga Mat #3: Liforme Mat

The Liforme mat is as sticky as the Lululemon mat, but it has the added benefit of alignment lines. In my yoga teacher training my teacher highly recommended that we draw a line down the middle of our mats with a permanent marker to assist with our alignment. I was too scared to do this, so the Liforme mat was the perfect solution. The lines are already on it and it is really sticky.

The downside to the Liforme mat is the that it is the most expensive of all three of these mats. They do have a travel mat that is a little cheaper.

Buy a Liforme Mat

If you have super sweaty hands and feet like me, these mats will be a life saver for you. If you are a yoga lover, it’s definitely worth the investment of getting a good yoga mat that meets your needs. To learn how to care for your mat, read my Cleaning Your Yoga Mat post to learn what mistakes I made when cleaning my mat and how I clean it now.




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