Sphinx Pose Yin Yoga Version of Cobra

Sphinx Pose Yin Yoga: a Yin version of Cobra Pose. This pose is an extension of the spine that has many benefits.

Sphinx Pose Yin Yoga: benefits, contraindications, pose guide, modifications

Benefits of Sphinx Pose

  • tones the spine
  • stretches the abdomen, chest, shoulders, and lungs
  • soothes sciatica
  • relieves stress


There are many contraindications (including pregnancy) for yoga poses, which is why consulting your doctor before practicing yoga is essential. You should also have a certified yoga teacher that learn and practice under in person. These poses are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • back injury or tight sacrum
  • headache
  • pregnancy
  • carpel tunnel syndrome

How to Do Sphinx Pose Yin Yoga Style

  • lie on your stomach
  • place your arms forearm distance apart (hold onto opposite elbows to get proper distance, then keeping that distance place your forearms down on the ground)
  • move your elbows forward slightly, they should be slightly in front of your shoulders, legs are playing an active role
  • adjust the pose as needed with the modifications found below
  • hold for several breaths
  • exit the pose with an exhale, lowering slowly and resting your check on the mat, letting the lower back neutralize


  • slide the elbows out to the side so that the backbend is not as deep, this will make the pose more gentle
  • to deepen the pose, place a cushion or blanket under the forearms, this will deepen the back bend

This short video from Ekhart Yoga gives additional insights of Sphinx Pose.

Another Yin Yoga style pose that you may enjoy is Mandukasana. It’s an amazing hip opener. I have a detailed post about the benefits, contraindications, modifications, and how to do the pose: Mandukasana Yoga Pose: An Amazing Hip Opener.





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