September Yoga Report

Each month I am going to record some things about my journey. I’m going to do these posts for a couple of reasons; I want to keep a record of how I am progressing with my yoga, it will hold me accountable, and it gives you a very good look at what I am doing and how I am doing itYoga Report

Below you will find out the following things about the past month: goal poses that I am working on, what my home practice looked like, the yoga classes I attended, total time dedicated to fitness, and my healthy habit for the month.

Read day by day what she does for her yoga practice.

Goal Poses: These are the poses that I am currently working on.

Crow: I think I am finally ready to move on from Crow Pose being one of my goal poses. I am consistently able to hold the pose and feel good about my progress.

Headstand: This month I started to be able to go up into a headstand using a pike position with my legs. I also started playing around with different positions of my legs once I am up in a headstand. I still need to work on my confidence so that I can do headstand confidently without a wall.


Home Practice: This is what I am currently doing as my home practice.


This was a crazy month for me. The school year has started up again (I teach second grade). I also started teaching yoga! Although my yoga teacher training doesn’t start until next month, I have started teaching 2-3 hours a week. My yoga teacher gave me this wonderful opportunity and I couldn’t pass it up!

So my home practice looked a little different this month. It was mainly spent practicing sequences and transitions for my classes. I also continued to practice my goal poses.

Total time spent on home practice (excluding what is listed below): 2 hours

Build your yoga practice one month at a time!

Yoga Classes Attended/Other Exercises: These are the classes that I attended this month and things I did to move my body

9/2: 45-minutes BodyFlow

9/3: 30-minutes Grit-Plyo

9/4: 1-hour home practice

9/7: 45- minute strength circuit training with my husband

9/9: 45-minute strength circuit training with my husband

9/10: 30-minute hike with my husband

9/13: 1-hour Vinyasa

9/14: 1-hour Power Yoga

9/15: 1-hour Vinyasa

9/17: 1-hour Vinyasa

9/20: 1-hour Vinyasa

9/21: 1-hour Power Yoga

9/22: 1-hour Vinyasa

9/27: 1-hour Vinyasa

9/29: 1-hour Vinyasa

Total time in yoga classes this month: 9.75 hours

Total time doing Acro this month: 0 hours

Total time doing other exercises: 2.5 hours

Total time of home practice: 2 hours

Total time exercising: 14.25 hours

I was so happy to be back to a more regular yoga practice this month. And even happier to start my journey of teaching yoga classes! I was pretty nervous my first class, but with each class, it is getting easier. I actually find it very meditative, because I am completely in the moment, my mind doesn’t wonder at all during the hour. I am sad that once again I wasn’t able to practice Acro Yoga. With it so unavailable in my area it is hard, but I am going to keep taking every opportunity that I have to practice it and hopefully someday it will be more available to me.

Healthy Habit:

Each month I will focus on a healthy habit. If I feel like it is second nature to me by the end of the month I will add in a new habit the next month. If I ever feel like I get am not doing so well with a past habit I will make it my monthly focus again.

This month I focused on adding in an evening routine to each day again since I wasn’t able to make it a habit last month.

My plan was:

Before I get too tired ( I can do things after my evening routine) I will…

Do ten minutes of yoga and stretching
Meditate for 10 minutes
Write in my gratitude journal
Plan my meals for the next day
Write my to-do list for the next day

I finally have an evening routine that I love! It’s a little different from what I had laid out, but it’s what feels the best for me. Here is what is looks like:

9:00- Electronics get turned off

9:00-9:20- Read informational books

9:20-9:45- Get ready for bed (including stretching, meal planning, and writing in my gratitude journal, meditate)

9:45-10:00- Read fiction books in bed

Next month I want to work on my morning routine. I want it to include; meditating and writing blog posts for 15 minutes.

If you want to keep following my yoga journey check out my October Yoga Report.

There you have it! My month of September recapped. Comment below and tell me about your September!

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