Best Music for Savasana

A good yoga playlist is hard to find, but a savasana playlist is even harder. You want music that is soothing but won’t make you fall asleep. Ideally, it will feel meditative yet refreshing. You don’t want to feel groggy when you end your savasana, rather refreshed and ready to conquer your day. It can be hard to find all of these things without having the song sound too “spacelike” as if you are in another galaxy. If you listen to savasana music, you know what I’m talking about. This playlist has the best music for Savasana and will help you have a deeply relaxing end of your practice.

This playlist is the best music for savasana!

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To be honest, savasana is best done with silence. You want to give your mind space, quiet, something it rarely gets. It’s also hard to restore your my mind and body when it is focused on external stimulation.

But a silent savasana can be intimidating and not something that everyone is ready for. You also may not have a space that is absent of background noise and music may help bring your focus away from those noises. For example, I teach yoga at a gym and the studio is directly underneath the basketball court. Without music, the bouncing balls can get pretty distracting. Which means I have spent a lot of time perfecting my playlists for my students.

If you want to start working towards a silent savasana, start slow. Make a playlist that is only 1 or 2 songs long and when they finish you can have the last part of your savasana in silence. Slowly shorten your playlist and extend your silence until your savasana is completely in silence.

In the meantime, here is a savasana playlist that I use in my yoga classes. Enjoy!

Best Music for Savasana

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Meditation: Time for Reflection by Masala Roo

Meditation: Personal Well-Being by Delle Alpi

Mediation: Cascades by Michel Mondrain

Slow Harp by Kaki Mudra

Calamity by Moira Kent

Moon Salutation by Moira Kent

Meditation: Relaxation Music by Zarobi

Mediation: Cascades by Michel Mondrain

Mediation: Cascades by Michel Mondrain

Meditation: Deep Relaxing by Zarobi

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