Relaxing Savasana Script

Savasana is the best part of a yoga practice for many people. It’s a chance to just be. All the noise, motion, information stops for these precious minutes. It’s a time to recharge. Some people do need a little guidance to get to that place though. This savasana script will help guide you or your students into a relaxing savasana that will bring your life more peace.

Why Savasana is So Important

Savasana is a time when our body can absorb the yoga practice that we just completed. It is a time when we cut off the excess stimuli and let our body rest and recharge. In today’s world, we are constantly overly stimulated. We can bring more peace and calmness to our life by taking time in this very relaxing pose.

Some people need a little guidance to get to that calming, relaxing place so that they can enjoy Savasana. This savasana script will help guide you or your students into a relaxing savasana that will bring you more relaxation.

When to Do Savasana

Savasana is best done after a yoga practice. However, you can do Savasana on its own as well. If I have hard a hard day and feel drained, I do a 20 minute Savasana when I get home from work and then I feel recharged and can enjoy my evening.

How to Do Savasana

Savasana is done laying on your back on your yoga mat (not on a couch or bed). Separate your feet by a few inches and let your feet relax out to the sides. Rest your hands (palms faced up) on the ground next to you. Feel free to take up as much space as you feel comfortable doing. I like to lift my chest slightly and tuck my shoulders underneath me a little. This gives a little lift to the chest and helps to have fuller breaths.

Tips for Savasana

Make sure you are warm. Putting socks on and covering yourself with a blanket is a good idea. Your body will cool down quickly once you start your Savasana. It’s best to be proactive with this instead of interrupting your Savasana to get comfortable.

Having a darkened room is also helpful. If you can’t darken your space try using an eye pillow or scarf to block out the light. I actually prefer a scarf over an eye pillow because most eyes that I have used are too heavy on my eyes.

Tip for Using a Savasana Script

The following savasana script is short and sweet. I think it’s best to keep it short so that you can guide your students (or yourself) into savasana and then give them time to rest in the pose with silence.

Make sure everyone is set up and laying in savasana before you start. Turn the lights down and let everyone get situated so that there are no distractions once you start.

Take your time going through the script. You can do it at a nice relaxed pace and it still won’t be very long. You don’t want to feel rushed as you guide yourself or others into this peacefully pose. Make sure you pause between each sentence.

Savasana Script

We are going to do a tension and relaxation exercise. Begin by tensing your face as tight as you can. Relax your face. Shrug your shoulders up and hold as tight as you can. Relax your shoulders. Tense your stomach muscles. Relax your stomach and take a deep belly breath. Tense your legs and glutes. Relax your legs and glutes. Tense your whole body and hold. Relax your body. If you need to, gently shake out any areas of your body that still feel tense. Then relax in savasana, enjoying the stillness.

If you enjoyed this savasana script, I would recommend checking out Body Scan Mindfulness Script for Relaxation. The body scan can also be used to start off savasana and is very relaxing and longer than this script.



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