Top 5 on Amazon: Mysore Yoga Rug

What is a Mysore Yoga Rug?

Traditionally in India yoga, particularly Ashtanga, was done on a Mysore yoga rug. Before modern yoga mats came on the market this was the best option for a nonstick and absorbent place to practice.

Today, they are typically used on top of a yoga mat. A big advantage of doing this is being able to throw the rug in the washing machine* after a sweaty session. While you can wash a yoga mat, it is more difficult to do.

*Check the specific instructions of the rug you purchase for care directions.

What is a yoga rug? Why would you use one? What are the best yoga rugs on Amazon? Read the article to find out.

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When to Use a Mysore Yoga Rug

Because of the nonstick surface and absorbent material, a yoga rug would be a great option for Ashtanga, Bikram Yoga, or Power Yoga. Really, it could be used for any type of asana practice. They can also be used for meditation.

You can get creative with these beautiful rugs and use them as a throw blanket, bedspread (twin size), picnic blanket or wall tapestry.

Top 5 Yoga Rugs on Amazon

Hand Woven Diamond Mexican Yoga Blankets

This is what I own and use almost daily for a variety of purposes. It’s inexpensive but still has a thick material and a ton of great reviews. This blanket is not the prettiest of all the options (in my opinion) but it is the cheapest one on the list and does the job!

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Hand Woven Diamond Mexican Yoga Blankets

Handmade Solid Color Yoga Blanket

These blankets are really nice if you like a solid color instead of a busy pattern. They have great reviews and are very reasonably priced.

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Handmade Solid Color Yoga Blanket

Mexican Yoga Blanket, Navajo Aztec Diamond

I usually prefer solid colors to patterns, but these blankets are gorgeous. The image below doesn’t do them justice. The patterns are bright, bold, and clean looking.

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Mexican Yoga BLanket, Navajo Aztec Diamond

El Paso Designs Serape Style Falsa Blanket

I love the bright colored stripes on these blankets. All the turquoise makes my heart happy. They are hypoallergenic and stain resistant.

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El Paso Designs Serpare Style Falsa Blanket

Organic Ekaminhale Yoga Rug

These rugs are smaller than the other on the list, about the size of a yoga mat. They are handwoven, have naturals dyes, and come with a two-year warranty.

Click on image or link to view on Amazon Organic Ekaminhale Yoga Rug


If using a Mysore yoga rug isn’t your thing and you would rather use a yoga mat check out my post Liforme Yoga Mat: Why You Should Get One. It is a yoga mat that will change your yoga practice.



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