Acro Yoga Videos That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Acro Yoga is fun to do and also really fun to watch. Check out these YouTube videos. If you are anything like me, you will want to watch them over and over. It’s very impressive what some people can do!

These Acro Yoga videos are incredible!

Acro Yoga by Equinox

This is probably my all time favorite Acro Yoga video. These two are amazing. As a husband and wife team, they do workshops and teacher training all over the world. It is on my bucket list to attend a training with them.

Side note: The woman in this video is Briony Smyth. I saw a solo video of her several years back and it made a huge impact on me. It was astounding to me how strong and graceful someone can be. She was and continues to be a huge role model for me. I will include the solo video of her as a bonus at the end of the post.

Acro Yoga with Chelsey and Matt Giordano

I love how the camera angle changes throughout the video and sometimes shows the perspective of the base (the person doing the lifting).

Acro Yoga at 11,000 (Wanderlust)

How amazing would it be to do this at this setting?! They make it look so easy.

Acroyoga: Lucus & Maria (Barcelona)

This video is unique because they slow the film down during some of the fast and impressive moves. There are some moves in this video that I haven’t seen anywhere else

Bonus Video: Yoga by Equinox featuring Briony Smyth

Briony is the women from the first video in the post. There was quite some controversy when this video came out. Some people found it too racy. I find the video tasteful and inspiring.

You can find more videos like these in Why You Should Try Acro Partner Yoga.



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