Modo Yoga MPLS Review

This week I was visiting the Twin Cities and was able to take a class at a studio that I have been wanting to try for awhile, Modo Yoga MPLS. For those of you who have never heard of Modo before, the Modo structure is

40ish postures that combine therapeutic and traditional yoga in a specially-heated room (100-103F and 35% humidity). Each Modo/Moksha class is cardiovascular, and it strengthens, loosens, and tones the muscles. The heat allows for deep, safe stretching and detoxifies the skin, blood and muscles. All levels always welcome.

Below you will find my review of my experience. I cover interactions with staff, physical space, types of classes, and my overall thoughts.

Modo Yoga Mpls: The space, staff and classes

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The staff member that helped me sign up for the class was also the teacher for my class. She was extremely helpful and friendly. I felt like she went out of her way to make it a good experience for me. I really enjoyed her style of teaching. She walked around the room as she taught and complimented students throughout the class, making a point to remember and use their names.

Physical Space

Since the studio is in a strip mall, I was expecting it to be very cookie cutter. But, I was wrong! The space is unique and inviting.

There is a polished concrete floor in most of the areas. The yoga room itself has a cork type flooring. As you enter, there is a large room with the front desk, items for purchase, and a lounge area.

The locker rooms were huge and really nice. There was ample space to freshen up after classes, along with hair dryers and other hair tools that are free to use. Several showers are also available and trust me, after a class at Modo Yoga MPLS, you will want a shower!


Modo Yoga Mpls offers classes seven days a week and there are about 10 classes on average a day. They offer several different types of classes, including:

Modo Yoga

A challenging, healthy all-level hot yoga sequence (linked with breath).

Modo Flow

A challenging, healthy, hot yoga FLOW sequence. Postures are linked with breath and downward-upward dog flow sequences.

Hot Flow

Hot Flow is not a set sequence ; this practice is a teachers choice of vinyasa, or flow style practice.

Hot Hatha-Restorative

Long, deep holds to relax and restore joints and muscles.


High-Energy class combining the stretching & toning movements of Pilates & yoga, with the strengthening and sculpting principles of ballet.

Modo Level 2

A challenging and healthy intermediate hot yoga sequence with a short meditation and an extended savasana.

Karma Class (Donation Based)

A reduced-fee Moksha/Modo class. All proceeds support not-for-profit organizations.

Kids Yoga

A mix of yoga, games and crafts for ages 4-10.

I took the Modo Flow class with music. It was really fun and extremely challenging. The poses themselves weren’t anything crazy, but doing yoga in a 97-degree room is intense. I don’t think I have ever sweat that much.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of music playing during yoga, especially pop music. But, during the class, I was working so hard, that I didn’t even notice the music.

Overall Thoughts on Modo Yoga Mpls

It’s been awhile since I felt challenged in my yoga practice and this class definitely did just that. If I lived closer, I would be taking their classes on a regular basis and I would be in really great shape because of it!

If you are in the area, I would highly recommend this studio. The staff and space are great, there are a ton of awesome and challenging classes, and with around 10 classes a day it is easy to fit into any schedule.

If you are planning on going to more than one class, I would check out Groupon. I know that Modo Yoga Mpls have deals on there regularly.

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