9 Wonderful Malasana Yoga Pose Benefits

There are many Malasana yoga pose benefits. Also known as Garland Pose, this is a pose that most people can do, it is especially helpful during pregnancy. Make sure you read the modifications section below for safe variations of the pose.

Check out the many amazing malasana yoga pose benefits!

Malasana Yoga Pose Benefits

  • opens hips
  • stretches ankles
  • stretches lower hamstrings
  • stretches back
  • stretches neck
  • tones core muscles
  • aids digestion
  • beneficial for metabolism
  • tones the lower body

Malasana Contraindications

  • ankle injury
  • knee injury

How To Do Malasana

  1. Start by sitting in Danasana (Staff Pose)
  2. Bend each leg, bringing your feet to ground as close to your seat as possible
  3. Shift your weight forward, as you bring your come off your seat and onto your feet (ideally your heels will stay on the ground, it’s okay if they lift)
  4. Keep a straight spine as you bring your palms to touch
  5. Pressing your palms together, using your elbows to help spread your knees apart


  • place the edge of a blanket under your heels if you are having a hard time reaching your heels to the ground
  • start from standing with your feet hips distance apart
  • use the wall of a piece of furniture for balance
  • place a blanket behind your knees to take pressure off your knees

Another great hip opener is Mandukasana. To learn about the benefits, contraindications, and modifications of Mandukasana, check out my post-Mandukasana Yoga Pose-An Amazing Hip Opener.



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