Lululemon Yoga Pants Review: Worth the Cost?

Lululemon yoga pants are really nice, but also really expensive. I bought a pair of yoga pants from Lululemon (Align Pant II) and break down all the pros and cons for you. Are they worth the price? Find out below!

Lululemon Yoga Pants Pros

  • They are super soft. I have never had such soft yoga pants.
  • The fit is perfect. High enough waist, don’t sag, stretchy enough for a comfortable fit, etc. They are my favorite pair of yoga pants I own, by far.
  • The customer service is great. The sales people spend lots of time making sure you find exactly what you are looking for. They offer complimentary hemming as well.
  • There are a ton of options, but very well organized in the store. I love that they are organized in the store by fit (tightest on one end, loosest on the other).

Lululemon yoga pants are expensive, is it worth the cost? Read the review.

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Lululemon Yoga Pants Cons

  • They are expensive. I am very careful with the way I spend my money and it is rare that I spend more than $50 on a piece of clothing. To be honest, it’s normally $20 or less. The pants I bought were $88. However, being a yoga teacher got me 25% off which brought the price down to $66.

The Verdict

Are they worth it? Yes. Absolutely. I told myself that I would just buy one pair, but down the line I definitely see myself buying more.

Where to Find Them

  • I have heard that you can get better deals in in stores rather than online.
  • You can shop online. They have free shipping and returns.
  • Some styles can be bought on Amazon. The prices are higher, but it’s nice to at least read the reviews of the different styles.

Want to learn more about the different styles? Check out this video made by a Lululemon employee. She breaks down which styles work best for yoga, running, training.

While I absolutely love my Lululemon pants, I realize that they aren’t in the budget for everyone. They were definitely a stretch for my budget. If you can’t afford Lululemon, there are a ton of cheaper options out there. Check out Yoga Pants- Two Great (and Cheap!) Pairs on Amazon.



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