9 Reasons I Love Kino Yoga

Kino Yoga is the website of Kino MacGregor, a very well known yoga teacher. Kino teaches around the world, has produced six DVDs, is a writer, co-founder of Miami Life Center, Yoga Challenge, and Omstars, and co-creator of Yoga Pro Wheel. Her impressive resume is not that only reason I admire her.

Kino Yoga: Her impressive resume is not the only reason I admire her

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Why I Love Kino Yoga

  1. She has been able to mix traditional yoga practices with modern society.

    Yoga is deeply rooted in a spiritual and traditional practice that is thousands of years old. Often times, these traditions are lost in the face paced and sometimes superficial social media channels. Kino does an amazing job of keeping the spiritual side of yoga alive while becoming super successful on social media. She has over one million followers on Instagram and almost 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, yet she is able to keep the traditions of the practice authentic.

  2. Kino encourages yogis to keep their practice spiritual.

    She wants us to remember that we didn’t create yoga, but that we are “guardians of the knowledge.” She stresses that if we lose the tradition of the practice, that it will eventually wither away.

  3. She acknowledges that you need a teacher.

    Part of the danger of always taking online yoga classes is that you don’t learn and grow from a teacher. There isn’t a continuum that pushes you to advance in your practice. This growth can only really come from having a teacher. This can be done in a studio or with Omstars, the world’s first yoga TV channel.

  4. Kino doesn’t strive to show only perfection.

    The reality is that no one is perfect. Kino doesn’t try to give the impression that she is. Part of the reason she created Omstars with Kerri Verna is that,

“In a world where more and more content is commercially crafted to give an image of perfection, we want to show the real, raw struggles of the yogi life. We believe that in transparency and honesty, there is truth and power.

5. There is a mix of practice, insight, wellness, and culture in her teachings.

So many yoga studios and teachers just focus on the practice of yoga. It is so much more than that and Kino does a great job of incorporating all of the other aspects of yoga in everything she does.

6. Kino believes the in the power of a Sangha.

When I went through my yoga teacher training, one of my favorite parts was my Sangha, my yoga community. Kino is a big advocate for having a Sangha and is working hard to incorporate it into Omstars.

7. She in constantly striving to help others on their yoga path.

In September 2017, the Yoga Assignment will be released. This is,”An inspirational 30-day yoga and lifestyle program that will challenge your mind, body, and spirit.” You can preorder it here. I am so excited to receive my copy and begin the journey.

 8. Her roots are in Ashtanga Yoga.

Ashtanga holds a special place in my heart. I see it as a challenging practice that has helped me improve my physical and spiritual wellbeing. When someone is as dedicated to Ashtanga as Kino is, I know that she is dedicated to bettering herself every day, that she takes yoga seriously, and sees it as a lifestyle instead of just exercising.

9. I am amazed by her skills and dedication to her practice.

She practices the fifth series of Ashtanga, which is mind boggling to me. I’m pretty sure that even with a dedicated daily practice, I won’t ever graduate from the primary series. The fact that she practice the fifth series is a huge testament to her dedication of her yoga practice.

Here she is practicing the fourth series.

I would highly recommend checking out kinoyoga.com. If you are as inspired by Kino as I am and want to increase your yoga practice, check out my article Increasing Your Yoga Practice.



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