July Yoga Report

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This blog is all about my journey of transitioning from a beginner yogi to an advanced yogi. And enjoying the journey!Yoga Report

Each month I am going to record some things about my journey. I’m going to do these posts for a couple of reasons; I want to keep a record of how I am progressing with my yoga, it will hold me accountable, and it gives you a very good look at what I am doing and how I am doing it.

Below you will find out the following things about the past month: goal poses that I am working on, what my home practice looked like, the yoga classes I attended, total time dedicated to fitness, and my healthy habit for the month.

Read day by day what this girl is doing to get stronger!

Goal Poses: These are the poses that I am currently working on.

Crow: This pose is very hit or miss for me. Somedays I can get it and others not at all. I think it definitely has to with my focus. If I am unfocused, this pose is almost impossible for me! I have also been working on side crow. It is not as hard as I was expecting. In fact, I think it is easier than crow.

Working on my side crow. It's actually not as hard as I was expecting.

Headstand: I was able to get up into a headstand without being by a wall! I even got a picture of it. Next, I have to work on holding it for one minute. I am getting closer and closer to meeting my goal with this!

I was finally able to go up into a headstand without being by a wall!

Home Practice: This is what I am currently doing as my home practice.

I do two sun salutations every morning. It only takes me two minutes, but it still feels really good to start my day this way.

I was able to practice at home much more this month, they are listed below

My practice for headstand was a total of two hours this month.

I also started on Instagram this month! I started doing yoga challenges, so I have about 3 poses that I work on a day and post. I actually was a winner of the first one I completed! It was so exciting!

Total time spent on home practice (excluding what is listed below): 10.5 hours

Yoga Classes Attended/Other Exercises: These are the classes that I attended this month and things I did to move my body

7/1: 2 1/2 hours canoeing

7/3: 90-minutes Ashtanga

7/4: 1-hour home practice

7/5: 1-hour Vinyasa Class

7/6: 1-hour Power Yoga

7/7: 45-minutes Home Practice

7/8: 1-hour Bodyflow

7/9: 90-minutes Ashtanga

7/10: 1-hour backbend practice

7/10: 75-minutes Restorative Yoga Class

7/12: 30-minutes walk with a friend

7/13: 1-hour Power Yoga Class

7:14: 30-minutes home practice

7/15: 1-hour Deep Stretch Class

7/16: 1-hour Vinyasa Class

7/16: 1-hour power walk with my dad

7/17: 90-minutes Ashtanga

7/19: 1-hour Vinyasa Class

7/20: 1-hour Power Yoga

7/22: 1-hour Deep stretch

7/22: 30-minutes home practice

7/24: 90-minutes Ashtanga practice

7/26: 1-hour Vinyasa Class

7/27: 1-hour Power Yoga Class

7/30: 30 minutes home practice

7/30: 30 minutes Acro Yoga


Total time in yoga classes this month: 19.25 hours

Total time doing Acro this month: 30 minutes

Total time doing other exercises: 4 hours

Total time of home practice: 13.75 hours

Total time exercising: 37.5 hours

I was not able to practice Acro Yoga very much this month. But I have some friends who are interested in trying it, so it might be easier for me to get some practice in soon!

Healthy Habit:

Each month I will focus on a healthy habit. If I feel like it is second nature to me by the end of the month I will add in a new habit next month. If I ever feel like I get am not doing so well with a past habit I will make it my monthly focus again.

This month I focused on adding in an evening routine to each day again since I wasn’t able to make it a habit last month.

My plan was:

Before I get too tired ( I can do things after my evening routine) I will…

  • Do ten minutes of yoga and stretching
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Write in my gratitude journal
  • Plan my meals for the next day
  • Write my to-do list for the next day

I was definitely better this month. I am meditation and writing in my gratitude journal every night. But I still have not gotten into the habit of doing yoga, planning my meals, and making my to-do list. I will keep working on this next month! Third time is a charm, right?

I still did a good job of eating clean and using portion control (April) and drinking enough water (May).

To continue following my yoga journey check out my August Yoga Report.

There you have it! My month of July recapped. Comment below and tell me about your July!


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