January Yoga Report

Each month I record some things about my journey. I do these posts for a couple of reasons; I want to keep a record of how I am progressing with my yoga, it will hold me accountable, and it gives you a very good look at what I am doing and how I am doing it.

Below you will find out the following things about the past month: goal poses that I am working on, what my home practice looked like, the yoga classes I attended, total time dedicated to fitness, and my healthy habit for the month.

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I feel like this quote is very fitting right now and remind myself self of it often.

January Yoga Report

Goal Poses: These are the poses that I am currently working on.

Splits: I feel like I am making no progress with my splits. I’m not sure if I need to just be patient or change my approach. If anyone has any advice for this, please comment below! I need all the help I can get for this one!

Headstand: I am finally really comfortable with my headstand! It has taken me many months, but I can finally pike up and feel comfortable in the middle of the room. Next month I am changing this goal to a forearm stand.

Self-Practice: This is what I am currently doing as my home practice.

I have been really good at doing yoga at home every day, but more of just playing around with poses. I would like to have a practice that flows better.

Yoga Classes Attended/Other Exercises: These are the classes that I attended this month and things I did to move my body

1/1: 20-minute Walk

1/1: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/1: 15-minutes of Self-Practice

1/2: 15-minute Walk

1/2: 30-minutes of Self-Practice

1/3: 15-minute Walk

1/3: 15-minutes of Self-Practice

1/3: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/4: 15-minute Walk

1/4: 15-minutes Self-Practice

1/4: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/5: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

1/5: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/7: 90-minutes of Ashtanga

1/7: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/8: 1-hour Bodyflow

1/8: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/9: 15-minutes Walk

1/9: 1-hour Restorative Yoga (Self-Practice)

1/9: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/10: 15-minute Walk

1/10: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

1/11: 35-minute Walk

1/11: 1-hour Flow Class

1/11: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/12: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

1/12: 15-minute Walk

1/12: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/13: 2-hour of Yoga at Yoga Teacher Training

1/14: 2-hour of Yoga at Yoga Teacher Training

1/15: 2-hour of Yoga at Yoga Teacher Training

1/16: 1-hour Restorative Yoga

1/16: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/17: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

1/17: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/18: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/19: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

1/20: 15-minute Walk

1/21: 90-minute Ashtanga Class

1/22: 20-minutes of Swimming

1/23: 15-minute Walk

1/24: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa (subbed)

1/24: 15-minute Walk

1/24: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

1/24: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/25: 30-minutes Self-Practice

1/25: 15-minute Walk

1/25: 15-minutes of Stretching

1/26: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa (subbed)

1/26: 15-minute Walk

1/26: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

1/31: 1-hour Hatha at the beach

Totals for January

Yoga Classes: 13 hours

Taught: 9 hours

Acro: 0 hours

Other Exercises: 7.5 hours

Self-Practice: 2.75 hours

Total time exercising: 32.25 hours

This month I decided to separate out what classes I taught. I still do almost everything with my students, but as I get more comfortable I will do less and instead focus on adjusting my students.

Healthy Habit:

For the second month in a row, I wanted to do more cardio and failed, maybe February will be my month?!

If you would like to continue to follow my yoga journey check out my February Yoga Report.

There you have it my month of January recapped. Comment below and tell me about your January!

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