Jade Yoga Mat: An Honest Review

The number one question that I get from my students is what yoga mat to get so that they don’t slide. While there are a few good options, my number one recommendation is always the Jade Yoga mat. It is the mat that I use every day and completely solved my issue of sliding, plus has many other benefits. I have the Harmony Mat, but there are many other options.

In this Jade Yoga Mat Review, I will give you four reasons why I think the Jade Yoga mat is the best option out there. I will also let you know of a couple of drawbacks about this mat.

Jade Yoga Mat Review tells 4 reasons why I think this mat is the best option. I will also let you know of a couple of drawbacks about this mat.

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Jade Yoga Mat Review

1. No slipping

I have really sweaty hands and feet. This has been a huge issue for me. Before I got a Jade Yoga mat I would slide terribly during yoga especially when in my down dog. It honestly affected my practice so much that I almost gave up on yoga. But I am so glad that instead I did some research, tried out different mats, and came across the Jade Yoga mat. I went from crazy slipping to no slipping. Really, I don’t slide at all, even in down dog. I wasn’t sure that it was possible, but I am so glad that it is. Now I can enjoy yoga and not worry about sliding around on my mat.

2. Not too sticky

Not too sticky? What does this even mean? Until about two months ago I would have thought that being too sticky would never be an issue. When I was in Tulum Mexico, I took an amazing yoga class. I borrowed a Lululemon mat for the class. I was really excited to try it out and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t slip at all. This got me thinking that I had finally found a second mat that would meet all my needs. The Jade Yoga mat and the Lululemon are the only two mats I had tried that I didn’t slip on.

Five minutes into the class, I learned that there is such a thing as too sticky. Recently, I learned at my yoga teacher training that “toe flipping” could very easily create imbalances in your body. “Toe flipping” is where you flip your feet one at a time when transitioning to and from upward dog and downward dog. To be honest, I think it looks really pretty, but it’s not worth creating an imbalance in your muscles. In order

In order to avoid “toe flipping” I push my feet back while in chaturanga and roll over my toes. Here is a video to show you what I mean:


The extreme stickiness of the Lululemon mat made a really loud squeaky noise each time I pushed my toes back. Considering that this happens several if not dozens of times during every practice, I think that it could get really distracting to my and everyone in the class.

While the Jade Yoga mat is sticky, it is not so sticky that it squeaks.

3. Eco-friendly Company

The Jade Yoga Company is an eco-friendly company, something that is very important to me. Here is just a little bit about the company from their website:

Jade mats are eco-friendly as they are made with a renewable, sustainable resource – natural rubber, tapped from rubber trees. Jade mats contain no PVC or other synthetic rubbers. Perhaps most importantly, Jade yoga mats are made in the United States in compliance with all US environmental and labor laws. Finally, through its partnership with Trees for the Future, JadeYoga plants a tree for every yoga mat you buy.

I really appreciate when companies care about providing products that are good for people and the environment.

4. Lots of Options

Not everyone has the same needs during yoga, so why expect everyone to benefit from the same yoga mat? Luckily Jade offers many different styles to accommodate unique bodies, lifestyles, and yoga practices. There are different options such as extra thick (good for those with knee or joint issues), extra thin (good for travel), extra wide, foldable (also great for travel), and kids size.

Some Cons

There are a couple of things I want to mention about Jade mats.

The Harmony style that I have is on the heavy side. If you think this will bother you, you might want to go with travel mat which is lightweight.

The other things to know if that stuff sticks to it, hair in particular. This is not a huge issue for me. Cleaning my mat every couple of weeks takes care of it. My thoughts are that I should be cleaning my mat that often anyway and this kind of forces me to keep up with it. But if you have pets or think that it might bother you might want to check out a different mat. Manduka has great mats and most have a lifetime warranty. I have found myself slipping a bit on Mandukas, but they are still very nice mats.

Jade Yoga Mat Review

If you are looking for a mat that is non-slip without being too sticky and if you care about purchasing products from eco-friendly companies, then Jade Yoga mats are perfect for you.

You can find Jade yoga mats at some stores and on Amazon.

If you are a Prime member, you can get free shipping on Amazon, however, I have found that a lot of colors and sizes of this mat are often out of stock. You can try Amazon Prime free for 30 days. This has saved my husband and I a ton of money over the last several years.  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

I am so happy with my Jade Yoga mat and don’t see myself ever buying a different mat. They are definitely worth it!



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