Insight Meditation Timer Review

The insight meditation timer is what I use to guide my meditation practice. It is a free app that has a ton of features and is definitely worth checking out.

The Insight Meditation Timer app is amazing and free! Read the post for all details about what you can do with this app.


This is a lovely timer for meditation because it alerts you of the end of the time with a beautiful bell sound of your choice. It’s completely customizable. You can set how long you want to meditate, if you want a beginning, interval, and/or end bells, and if you want ambient sounds during your meditation.

Meditate with Others

The app tells you how many people are also meditating using the app at that time. When you realize that there are thousands of other people around the world meditating at the same time it makes a mediation session seem really powerful. Knowing that there are thousands more people meditating on in addition to that (people who aren’t using the app) makes your meditation

Communities within Insight Meditation Timer

There are over 4,000 meditating groups you can join. In the groups, you can encourage each other and ask questions. Some of the groups you can join are:

  • Be Here Now
  • Women Meditate Worldwide
  • Daily Gratitude
  • Poetry and Meditation
  • Chronic Pain & Illness Meditation
  • The Science of Meditation

I am a part of the “365 Days Together” group.

Another thing worth noting is that they have groups in 31 languages.

Track Your Progress

Each time you meditate using the Insight Meditation Timer your progress is tracked. You can see graphs of how often and how long you have meditated for in the past.

When you hit certain milestones your profile gets a new star. When you meditate 10 days on a row or 50 nonconsecutive days you get a new star. Once you hit 5 stars, you get a red star and after 25 stars you get a green star.

It may seem silly to track your meditating in this way, but it really is motivating. And if you aren’t a fan, you can turn this function off.

Set Reminders

I have never used this function. But, I know that many people like setting reminders on their phones and you are able to set up reminders for your meditation time through the app.

Guided Meditations

When I feel too distracted for a silent meditation, I like using you of the guided meditations from the app. There are guided meditations in many different languages.

Some of my favorite guided meditations are:

  • Yoga Nidra for Sleep by Jennifer Piercy
  • Simply Being- Relaxation & Presence by Mary & Richard Maddux
  • Vipassana (Basic) Meditation by Tara Brach
  • Accepting and Letting Go by Andy Hobson

If you are interested in meditation, I would highly recommend checking out Deepak Chopra Meditation (Where to FInd it for Free). Deepak Chora has many wonderful guided meditations that you can access for free if you know where to look.



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