8 Reasons to Try Headspace Meditation

If you have never tried Headspace Meditation, you are missing out. This app has hundreds of themed sessions to help you do everything from sleep better to stress less. It is one of my favorites, if not the top, app that I have.

If you haven't tried the headspace meditation app, you should read this!

7 Reasons to Try Headspace Meditation

  1. You can boost your compassion. A study from Lim, D., Condon, P., & DeSteno, D. in 2015 showed that meditating for three weeks may increase a persons compassion towards others.
  2. According to The Psychological Effects of Meditation: A Meta-Analysis meditation has been shown to promote subtle improvements in focus, attentions and the ability to ignore distractions.
  3. A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, Effects of preventative online mindfulness interventions on stress and mindfulness has shown that Meditation can reduce daily and perceived stress.
  4. There are many short meditations, which means you can meditate even if you are short on time.
  5. SOS meditations are always available for when you have had a rough day.
  6. When you purchase a Headspace subscription you are helping someone else. Their Get some, Give Some program donates a subscription to someone in need for every subscription that is purchased.
  7. You can help your kids be happier and healthier with Headspace for Kids.
  8. Whether your focus is relationships, focus, anxiety, or motivation there is something to everyone.

Andy is the founder and voice of Headspace. Check out his TEDx talk below.

Headspace offers a free trial, after that, you can get a monthly ($12.95/mo), annual ($7.99/mo), or lifetime ($419.05) subscription. I went with the annual subscription after trying it with the free trail.

If you are interested in mindfulness, I would recommend that you check out my recent post Why You Should Read the Rodale Mindfulness Book. This book is a great starting point for people just getting started with mindfulness.



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