8 Reasons Why Grokker is Amazing

I have read a lot of reviews of online yoga classes. The Grokker reviews I have read all state that it is amazing. No one seems to have any complaints. It seems to be the favorite.

So I decided to give it a try. And? I was hooked from day one.

Honestly, the Grokker reviews out there don’t even do it justice. This site is amazing. It has made me do not only yoga every day, but also cardio, and meditation. Seriously, every day.

The Grokker reviews I have read all state that it is amazing. No one seems to have any complaints. It seems to be the favorite. And how is it really?

I am an affiliate for this website. Not because they approached me, but because I tried it, fell in love with the website and applied to promote them. I really just want to shout from the rooftops how great it is. 

As a yoga teacher, I am a firm believer in going to yoga classes, making connections with your teachers, being able to ask them questions, getting feedback, etc.

But, going to a class is not always possible. Maybe you can’t get a sitter, you can’t afford classes, there aren’t classes available when you need them, etc.

The next best thing is doing a class from home on the internet. I am so glad that I have finally found the absolute best place to do this. Plus, they have a free trial, which makes it a no-brainer!

I could rave about all of the features of the site for a long time so I will try to condense down to give you an idea of why I love it so much.

Why Grokker is Amazing

1. Grokker currently has 972 really high-quality yoga videos, featuring every type of yoga out there. From power to restorative, Ashtanga to beginners, they’ve got it.

2. The teachers on the site all have an introduction video. This is a chance to get to know the teacher, find out what styles they enjoy, their background, etc. I love this because you can make a connection to them.

3. There are not just yoga videos. They have every sort of fitness class, cooking tutorials, and mindfulness/meditation. I just started a HIIT series and actually enjoyed it! Some of the categories of fitness videos are pilates, barre, dance, strength training, toning & sculpting, I could go on for awhile…

4. They have forums for yoga, fitness, cooking, and mind. You can ask questions to the teachers and the community using Grokker.

5. You can schedule classes for a future date and time. Grokker will send you a reminder about your upcoming class. Talk about accountability!

6. They have series of classes. I love the continuation of the classes. It seems like you can get so much more out of a series than just randomly put together classes.

7. You collect minutes as you complete classes. Every once in a while you “level up” the to next level. This may sound silly, but it is extremely motivating.

8. There are a lot of well know yogis as teachers on Grokker. Kino Macgregor, Judith Lasater, etc.

Like I said, I could go on for awhile.

This website will make you want to do yoga, workout, get healthy, etc. Yesterday, I did three videos because I couldn’t decide on just one!

I watched all of the yoga teacher introduction videos. If I liked their style and voice (this can make or break a class for me) I saved the videos of theirs that interested me. I have over 400 videos saved!

The best part is they have a 14-day free trial. This way you can try it out and see if it’s for you.

I’ve done the research and scoped out other sites, none of them even compare. It’s definitely worth a look!



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