Free UCLA Mindfulness Meditations

The UCLA mindfulness meditations are available online and free for everyone to use. They range from 3 to 19 minutes. They are from the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center at UCLA. According to their website, they have made these meditations available to:

disseminate mindful awareness across the lifespan through education and research. There is a growing population that is incorporating mindfulness into their daily lives, including medical doctors, psychologists, teachers, and community leaders.

You can stream, download, or print the transcripts of these UCLA mindfulness meditations for free!

Who would benefit from UCLA Mindfulness Meditations?

Anyone! I truly believe that everyone can benefit from meditation. The nice thing about these meditations is that they are short and easily accessible. Add them to your morning routine, lunch break, or your evening routine. It’s pretty easy to squeeze a 3-minute meditation into your day. It just takes some commitment, but the results will be worth it.

What to expect

As I said earlier, the meditations range from 3 to 19 minutes. All meditations can be streamed, downloaded, or printed as a transcript. They also have several meditations available in Spanish.

Sample Meditation

One of the meditations was put on YouTube. It is the 5-minute breathing meditation by Diana Winston.

There are also paid online courses that you can take through UCLA. The 6-week courses that are currently being offered are:

  • Mindful Awareness Practice (MAP) I for Daily Living
  • MAPs II: Cultivating Positive Emotions
  • MAPs II: Next Steps

The classes are designed so that participants…

will learn to bring mindfulness into their daily lives through pre-recorded audio classes, discussion forums, as well as optional live chats with our experienced instructors and fellow participants. MAPs is an educational experience suitable for people of all backgrounds.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive mindfulness course, I would also recommend the Palouse Course. Check out my post 7 Reasons You Should Try Palouse Mindfulness. It’s a free online 8-week course and would be great for someone interested in meditation and mindfulness.



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