February Yoga Report

Welcome to my February Yoga Report. Each month I record some things about my journey. I do these posts for a couple of reasons; I want to keep a record of how I am progressing with my yoga, it will hold me accountable, and it gives you a very good look at what I am doing and how I am doing it.

Below you will find out the following things about the past month: poses that I am currently loving, what my home practice looked like, the yoga classes I attended, total time dedicated to fitness, and my healthy habit for the month.

Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is so much more than that.


February Yoga Report

Focus Poses: These are the poses that I am currently putting into my practice regularly.

In previous months, this was my “Goal Poses” section. I decided to change this to “Focus Poses” because I no longer like the idea of having goal poses. In my teacher training and in the books that I have been reading I have been gently reminded that there is no goal in yoga. It’s not about achieving poses. I do think that I will always gravitate to certain poses for a period of time. So that is what I will share, the poses that I feel like keep coming to me over the month.

Handstand: After having some instruction on handstands at my yoga teacher training I really wanted to give it a go. At the training, I wasn’t able to commit to the pose and kick up into it. However, I tried it on my own a couple of weeks later and surprised myself that I could do it. It felt really empowering to do and I know that I will enjoy working on this pose in the future.

Forward Folds: I have a lot of stuff on my plate right now and find that I turn to forward folds a lot in my practice. They are great for destressing, help to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and are great grounding poses.

Self-Practice: This is what I am currently doing as my home practice.

I do a lot of yoga, but I am still not great at getting on the mat and practicing on my own. This is something I really want to get better at.

Yoga Classes Attended/Other Exercises: These are the classes that I attended this month and things I did to move my body

2/1: 30-minutes Self-Practice

2/1: 45-minute Walk

2/2: 1-hour Yin Class at the Beach

2/3: 45-minute Walk

2/3: 45-minute Self-Practice

2/5: 30-minute Walk

2/6: 15-minute Walk

2/7: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

2/8: 15-minutes of Self-Practice

2/9: 15-minute Walk

2/9: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

2/10: 15-minute Walk and 15-minutes Self-Practice

2/10: 2-hour Acro Yoga Workshop

2/11: 2.5-hours of Yoga at Teacher Training

2/12: 2.5-hours of Yoga at Teacher Training

2/14: 15-minute Walk

2/14: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

2/15: 15-minute Walk and 20-minutes of Stretching

2/15: 1-hour of Restorative

2/16: 15-minute Walk and 15-minutes of Stretching

2/16: Taught 1-hour of Vinyasa and 1-hour of Heated Vinyasa (subbed)

/17: 15-minute Walk

2/18: 45-minutes of Ashtanga modified

2/19: 30-minutes of Ashtanga modified

2/20: 15-minute Walk

2/21: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

2/21: 15-minute Walk

2/23: 15-minute Walk

2/23: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

2/25: 90-minutes Taught Ashtanga (subbed)

2/26: 15-minute Walk

2/26: 15-minute Self-Practice

2/27: 15-minute Walk

2/28: Walk for 15-minutes and 15-minutes of Stretching

2/28: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

February Yoga Report Totals

Yoga Classes: 8 hours

Acro: 2 hours

Other Exercises: 6 hours

Self-Practice: 3.75 hours

Taught Yoga: 9.5 hours

Total time: 29.25 hours

I am so happy that I got a chance to do Acro Yoga again. I miss it so much and would really love if I had classes near me! Like I mentioned above, I really hope to have a better and more consistent self-practice going forward.

Healthy Habit:

Since I really want to work on having a more consistent self-practice, I am going to make it my healthy habit for March. I have set the goal for myself to do cardio the last couple of months and have completely failed at it. I think I need to take a break from this goal for a month and try something else. I’ll go back to it in April.

There you have it! My February yoga report. Comment below and tell me about your February!

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