Evolve Duluth Review

Last week, I had the opportunity to take four classes at Evolve Duluth. It’s a hot yoga studio downtown Duluth, MN. I really enjoyed my time at this studio. It was very different from any of the other studios that I have practiced at. Keep reading to find out why!

Evolve Duluth Review



The staff was really great at Evolve Duluth. They were all pretty young and full of energy. You could tell right away that people in Duluth love coming to their classes.

Physical Space

The studio itself was very different from what I am used to. The room was very dark, with a stone wall, and was lite up with a single strand of rope lighting that ran the perimeter of the room. I felt like I was in a cave. It had two walls of mirrors and an industrial ceiling. I loved the physical space!


The classes that I went to were packed. The amount of people really added to the cool experience, especially in the Yoga Sculpt class. There was a strength in numbers feel that helped me get through the tough class.

Below are the classes that I attended with the description from their website.

(All classes were heated)

Yoga Sculpt

This class will compliment your regular yoga practice with a full body toning workout. Adding resistance and intensity to each pose with light weights. Get ready to squat, lunge, work the core, engage the biceps and triceps, and every thing else to build lean muscle mass.

Yin Yoga

There is no description on their site for this course. It was a typical yin class, except heated, which really added to the intensity.

Hot Flow

Focuses on alignment of movement and breath. You will flow through the poses becoming more aware of your whole body and being conscious of your breath. As the class advances, you will be moving through the poses faster, working more on balance and core strength.

Hot Yoga

Focuses on holding 26 poses in a very hot room. This class will give you skills to deal with the challenges of life, giving lasting peace. In this practice, the systems of the body come into perfect balance, so one feels better, the body has a chance to release the old and reinvent in the new.

Overall Thoughts on Evolve Duluth

I loved this studio. The whole place felt very hip and trendy. If I lived in Duluth, I would definitely practice at this studio multiple times a week. I also feel like I would be in much better shape because their classes are intense.

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