Dailygreatness Yoga Journal Review

Committing to a journal for a whole year is a big investment of your time. I spent a long time researching journals before deciding on the Dailygreatness Yoga Journal. After a year of using it, I wanted to break down the pros and cons for my lovely readers.

Pros of the Dailygreatness Yoga Journal

  • The journal starts off with having you do some major self-reflection. I set aside about two hours to fill in the first section. The journal guides, questions and prompts you to help you really dig deep. This section helps you recognize what you want out of life, why you want, and how to get it.
  • Goal setting is long term (lifetime and 90 days goals) and short term (weekly and daily goals). This is extremely helpful in creating a life that is meaningful for you.
  • Each day has a dedicated page with prompts for gratitude, reflection, scheduling, creating intentions, reflecting on your yoga practice, and more. Once I got into the groove, it only took me a few minutes each night to fill in. It’s only a few minutes but is very impactful.
  • There are inspirational quotes and beautiful yoga images throughout. The design on the journal is beautiful and the quotes and images are a cherry on top.
  • They have many other versions of the Dailygreatness Journal; business, training, parenting, and wellness. I only have the Dailygreatness Yoga Journal, but I have a feeling all the other versions are great as well.
  • The pages aren’t dated, so you can start at any time of the year.
  • There is a 100% No Questions Asked Return Policy if you change your mind about purchasing the journal.

Dailygreatness Yoga Journal Review, after one year of using this journal...

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Cons of the Dailygreatness Yoga Journal

  • It’s a little pricey for a journal/planner. At $49.95 it’s the most expensive journal I have used. (I do have a coupon code for you to save 5%, see below!)
  • The journal is a bit bulky, so it can be a little inconvenient to travel with. I still bring it with me, because I think it is worth having on vacation.


Should you try the Dailygreatness Yoga Journal? Yes! This journal is 100% worth the time and money. You will get so much out of implementing it into your daily routine.

I will continue to use this planner year after year. I hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as I do.

On Amazon, there are some really good detailed reviews. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it on Amazon because it is much more expensive.

To receive 5% off your purchase on the Dailygreatness website use this link to purchase your journal.

The Dailygreatness Journal is my favorite part of my evening routine. To read more about my evening routine and to create your own, check out my post 13 Habits for the Perfect Evening Routine.




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