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Some people need a little guidance to get to that calming, relaxing place so that they can enjoy Savasana. This savasana script will help guide you or your students into a relaxing savasana that will bring you more relaxation.

Relaxing Savasana Script

Savasana is the best part of a yoga practice for many people. It's a chance to just be. All the noise, motion, information stops for these precious minutes. It's a time to recharge. Some...
Do you know about all the different discounts CorePower offers? There are a ton! CorePower Yoga student discount, is one. Click article to find about them all.

Corepower Yoga Student Discount and Other Discounts

Yoga classes can get expensive. Luckily CorePower offers many different reduced rates. CorePower Yoga student discount, along with military and teacher discounts, as well as other options for discounts. You might also be able...