Why Feeling Busy is a mindset

I have a busy life, of course I feel busy. Right? Wrong.

Busy is a mindset.

As an elementary school teacher, who also teaches after-school classes most of the year, works hours a day on blogging,  is a wife, daughter, sister, friend, and dedicates lots of time to reach personal goals (becoming a yoga teacher is one!) I feel like I have a lot going on. I feel busy, all the time.

Busy is a mindset

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Here’s the thing though, right now I am on summer vacation. And I still feel busy. Last week I was on the beach, probably the most relaxing place I can think of and I realized that my mind was racing with thoughts. I felt busy. Even though I am on vacation, don’t have to work and was sitting on the beach! That’s when it hit me. Busy is a mindset. It doesn’t matter how much you have going on, it’s your mindset that affects how you feel.


On one hand, I feel foolish for not figuring this out sooner. I think back to all the time that I felt rushed and busy when I really didn’t have to. But, I also feel relieved. My life is about to get busier this year (details coming soon). I have been stressed thinking about all that I will have on my plate. But, now that I know that being busy is a mindset, I know that I can manage it.

The key is being mindful. Living in the moment. Are there times when you have to think towards to future and plan or reminisce about the past and learn from your past? Of course! But if you are constantly thinking about the past or the future it clouds your mind. Your mind races when you think of these things.

So what am I doing to remedy this?

I am living more in the moment. There is a time that I set aside each day to reflect and to plan. The rest of the day, I am trying my hardest to focus on what I am doing.  It’s a simple concept.

But, it is challenging for me. This is something that I will have to work on every day. I have been meditating for awhile now, but now it’s time for me to bring my mindfulness to my whole day. Because I am clearly not an expert on this, I found a great website on mindfulness and meditation, mindful.org. There are a ton of great articles and ideas on how to help people on this journey. If you need a meditation cushion, I recommend this one.

The little practice that I have doing this has made a huge difference. I am really looking forward to seeing the positive effects this will bring to them.

What do you do to stay mindful? Comment below!

Abby is a teacher (RYT 200) and student of yoga, passionate about her yoga journey and helping others on theirs. She is the blogger behind Journeys of Yoga, a second-grade teacher and a contributing writer at TryBelle Magazine. Learn more about Abby. You can also contact her here.