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Welcome! I am so glad you have joined our Yogi Book Club. This month’s book is Eat, Taste, Heal, an ayurvedic guidebook and cookbook for modern living.

This Month’s Book

A cookbook may seem like an odd choice for a book club, especially for the first book. However, this is no ordinary cookbook. The first half of this book is a guidebook of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is yoga’s sister, a way to live a balanced life based on your constitution (or dosha). You will learn about which dosha you are and then how to make food that helps balance your dosha.

How I Came Across this Book

I bought the book on our bathroom break during yoga teacher training. Let me explain; when my teacher told my class about this book, I knew that I needed it in my life. I was so excited to buy it that when she gave us a quick 5-minute bathroom break I spent the time ordering it on Amazon. It was that exciting to me! Thanks to Amazon Prime, (how did I ever live without Prime?) I received it two days later and was thrilled! My husband and I sifted through it marking all the delicious recipes that we wanted to make (pretty much every one). My mouth was watering just looking at the pictures.

And then… I didn’t make one recipe. I know, I was so excited, what happened? Life happened. I spent every last bit of my free time reading the required books for my yoga teacher training. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the books on our syllabus, in fact, you just might see some of them in our Yogi Book Club! But, I honestly had no time to read and use this amazing book. However, today I realized that I finished the last book on my training book list. Which means I am ready to dig into to Eat, Taste, Heal! Finally! I have been staring longingly at it sitting on my bookshelf, just waiting to read it and put it into action. So please join me in reading it! I mean, who can resist mint & cinnamon lassi’s, seared sesame trout, and avocado salad?!

If this book doesn’t speak to you, feel free to sit the month out. I am always open to book suggestions for future months!

These are our discussion questions for this book.

Question 1: After reading the characteristics of the doshas, which of the three doshas do you identify with the most?

My Answer: I am definitely a Pitta. I have some Vata and Kapha qualities, but I am a Pitta for sure. When I read about Pittas I sometimes laugh out loud, because it describes me so well.

Question 2: What things are you currently doing that make your dosha imbalanced?

My Answer: I overwork myself which aggravates Pitta. Five jobs and an eight-month yoga training program is just a tad much. I really need to work on finding some balance in my life.

Question 3: What things are you currently doing that make your dosha balanced?

My Answer: There are a lot of balancing things for Pitta that I do on a regular basis. Luckily yoga is on the list! I also avoid artificial stimulants, calming music, journal, and love cooling colors.

Question 4: After learning about how to balance your dosha type, did you make any changes to your lifestyle? How you noticed any shifts in your life because of these changes?

My Answer: This year I have added walking to my daily routine and love it. It’s just for fifteen minutes each day, but it’s become one of my favorite parts of my day. It is escpecially helpful when I am fired up about something and need to calm my thoughts.

Question 5: What was your favorite recipe that is recommending for your Dosha? Why did you enjoy is so much?

My Answer: I really loved the Mint Tea. I can’t believe that I have ever bought bagged mint tea. This recipe takes zero effort and tastes so much better that tea from the store. I will be making this on a regular basis. I also really loved the Steamed Cauliflower and Green Beans with Dill Herb Sauce. We had it with salmon and it was delicious. I can get in a veggie rut sometimes, and this was a great way to mix things up.

Question 6: What was your favorite recipe that is not recommended for you Dosha? Why did you enjoy is so much?

My Answer: The Very Orange Vegetable Juice was the only recipe I tried that wasn’t mainly for Pitta. It was okay, but I tried making in my VitaMix instead of my juicer to save time. I think it would be much better made with the juicer. Next time, I will put in the extra effort.

Question 7: Do you alter any of the recipes with great success? Which recipe and what did you do?

My Answer: I would not call the VitaMix substitution for the Very OrangeVegetable Juice a success. This was the only recipe I altered.

Question 8: Who in your life would this book be perfect for? (Spread the love and send them this link so that they can join!)

My Answer: I think this book would be perfect for my sister, Debra (who blogs over at For Baker or Worse). She loves cooking (obviously), beautiful cookbooks, and has shown an interest in Ayurveda. Which is why for her birthday this year she got a copy of the book!

Comments will open up on the 15th of March. This is where you can answer some or all of the discussion questions. Also, feel free to respond to other comments and have discussions, this is a book club after all! I will post my answers on the 15th as well. Happy reading! I am so excited to see what you think of the book!