Body Scan Mindfulness Script for Relaxation

This body scan mindfulness script for relaxation could be used in a few different ways. You can use it to guide a friend or loved one through a body scan. If you would rather use the script on your own, you could record yourself and then use the recording to guide yourself through the body scan. This would also be great for yoga teachers to use at the beginning of their Savasna during a yoga class.

This body scan mindfulness script will leave you completely relaxed!

Body Scan Mindfulness Script for Relaxation

Setting Up

Before you begin, put away your electronics or switch your phone to silent. If you can, dim the lights or draw the curtains.

When you are ready, find a comfortable spot to lay down. Take a moment to get situated, make any little adjustments that you need.

Once you are situated, close your eyes, rest one hand on your chest and one hand on your abdomen. Spend one minute feeling the rise and fall of your breath.

Body Scan

Begin your body scan by bringing your attention to your forehead. Imagine there is a warm light glowing at the center between your eyebrows. Let that warm light dissolve any tension you may be feeling in your forehead.

Now, let that light travel to your jaw. Separate your teeth and release your tongue from the top of your mouth. Relax your jaw.

Move the light down to your neck and tops of your shoulders. Allow your shoulders to release away from your ears, as if they are melting down into the earth.

The light now travels to your abdomen. With your body relaxing, you may notice that your breathes have become smoother and deeper. Feel the cool air coming in and filling your abdomen and leaving your body as warm air. Spend a minute feeling this cool and warm air.

Feel the warm light travel down your legs and to your feet. Let your toes slowly fall out to the sides. The light now travels to each toe, one at a time, and then rests at the arches of your feet.

Deep Relaxation

Now that this warm light has traveled down your body, let it surround you. Imagine that this light extends around you, like an egg, 3 feet in every direction. Spend some time here, in this warm, glowing light. You are safe. You are relaxed.

Bringing Yourself Back to Awareness

When you are ready, start to bring awareness back to your body. Let the warm light dissipate and become aware of your surroundings. Make little movements in your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Deepen your breath.

Turn onto either side, using your arm as a pillow and rest here for three slow breaths.

Make your way back to a comfortable seated position. Spend one more minute watching the rise and fall of your breath. Notice how you feel. As you continue on your day, try to keep this feeling of peace and calm with you.

Final Thoughts

This body scan mindfulness script will be especially beneficial if you use it regularly. That may mean every day, every week, every month. Only you can know how you feel and what you need, this is simply a tool that you can use that you may find beneficial.

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