9 Awesome Benefits of Shirshasana Yoga Pose

There are many benefits of Shirshasana yoga pose or headstand. This advanced yoga pose is often referred to as the king yoga pose, partly because of the impressiveness of the pose, but also because of its awesome benefits.

Article covers many awesome benefits of Shirshasana yoga pose and contraindications of the pose.

Benefits of Shirshasana Yoga Pose

  • improves blood flow to eyes which can help prevent certain eye issues
  • improves digestion (I would advise against doing this pose right after you eat though)
  • stimulates the pituitary and hypothalamus glands
  • reduces stress by flushing out your adrenal glands
  • strengthens arms and shoulders
  • improves circulation
  • helps reduce fluid build up in ankles and feet (which can also deter the onset of varicose veins)
  • strengthens your core
  • removes toxins from your body by stimulating your lymphatic system

Contraindications of Shirshasana Yoga Pose

You should not do headstands if you:

  • are menstruating or pregnant
  • have neck pain or a neck injury
  • experience ear or eye problems
  • have high blood pressure
  • have acid reflux

Remeber that this is an advanced pose, it is not a pose that should be done when you are new to yoga. It is best to practice and learn headstand under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher. They will be able to help you find proper alignment in the pose to reduce the risk of injury.

It took me many months before I was able to do a headstand. You can read about my headstand journey in 4 Things that Kept Me From Getting Yoga Headstands.



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