6 Ways to Take Yoga Classes Without Breaking The Bank

Great tips on how to save money on yoga classes!
Yoga classes can be expensive! Read these 6 tips for find out how to take classes on the cheap!
How to Take Yoga Classes Without Breaking the Bank

If you have looked at pricing at yoga studios and are turned off, I have ways to help get you into great yoga classes for a fraction of the cost. 

This post contains a link to Groupon. If you make a purchase through this link, I get Groupon Bucks (store credit.) I will happily use this to take more yoga classes! My opinions are my own and I truly believe that Groupon is a way to get great deals on yoga. 

This girl save $8-$20 on every yoga class! Must read!

In my last post, I talked about how to increase your yoga practice. While I love yoga and have increased my practice a ton, I am on a budget. I needed to find budget friendly ways to take yoga classes. I did some digging and found great ways to take yoga classes on the cheap.  I spend $0-$5 a class. If I didn’t use these ideas, I would be paying $13-$20 a class. 

Tip 1: Groupon

If you have never checked out Groupon, I would highly recommend heading over there now and taking a peek. You can enter your location and get tons of local deals.

Click Here To Find Yoga Deals On Groupon

Trust me; this is the jackpot for yoga deals. Most yoga deals here are 60-85% off the original price and there are tons of options! A very common deal is $35 for 10 classes. That breaks down to just $3.50 a class. This is a great way to check out many studios in your area and get in lots of yoga time.

There is a Yoga and Fitness Pass that you can purchase for $20 to get 30 classes ($300 value) at participating studios. This is a countrywide deal; most cities have several studios that participate.

I also use Groupon to get deals on yoga classes when I travel. I don’t know about you, but traveling for work or pleasure gets a whole lot better with yoga.

Tip 2: Free Classes at Yoga Store

Athleta and Lululemon offer free yoga classes at a lot of their locations. If you are lucky enough to have a store nearby, definitely check this out. Some locations have 2-3 classes a week. There is not a limit to how many classes you attend. This can be a part of your regular practice. *This seemed too good to be true, but I called some of the stores. It’s true!

Tip 3: Your Gym

This can really be broken into 2 parts; free classes and paid classes.

If you belong to a gym with free fitness classes for members, chances are that some of them are a yoga style class. These typically aren’t with a certified yoga instructor, but they are an inexpensive option. I belong to our local YMCA; they have a nice facility, tons of free classes, and I get a discount on my membership through my employer and health insurance. If my husband and I both go to the gym 12 times a month, our total cost for our family plan is $13.74.

6 Tips to Take Yoga Classes Without Breaking the BankMany gyms also have paid fitness classes. As a member of the gym, you usually get a very good rate on these classes. I pay $2 a class. These classes are with certified yoga instructors. I really like this tip for a few reasons. First, you get really good yoga classes for a very reasonable price. Second, you can have a “home base” teacher. I think it’s important to have a yoga teacher that you see on a consistent basis. My gym has great yoga instructors and I consider it my “home base” for yoga. Thirdly, if you already pay for a gym membership, you might as well utilize it!

Tip 4: Drop-In Classes at Yoga Studios

A lot of studios have drop-in classes. These are classes that you don’t need to register for and can take whenever you like. Many are $5, some are a little more. I have also seen pay-what-you-can classes. I love the $5 drop-ins at my local yoga studio.

Tip 5: Facebook

If you can find local yoga groups on Facebook, I would follow them. Lots of times they post free events and also specialty workshops. If you are into acro yoga, inversions, and balances, Facebook will be a great resource for you.

Tip 6: Community Education

This could also be a good way for you to find affordable yoga classes in your area. The best way to find a program guide is to google “your city community education.”


I hope this was helpful for you!

Did I miss any good tips for taking yoga classes without breaking the bank? Comment below!





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