6 Benefits of Twists in Yoga and Who Shouldn’t Do Them

There are many benefits of twists in yoga. You probably do a twist of some sort in almost every class that you go to, yet you most likely don’t know why you are doing them. There are also people who should not do twists or should modify their twist.

A yoga student of mine recently expressed her gratitude that I often include “the why” during our classes. It’s nice to know the benefits of what you are doing. Which is why on Journeys of Yoga you will see a lot more of “the why” in future posts.

The are great benefits of twists in yoga, but also reasons why some people should not do them!

6 Benefits of Twists in Yoga

  • Tones abdomen
  • Detoxifies (by bringing a rush of oxygen to your organs when you release from the twist, this is debated by some people in the medical industry)
  • Neutralizes spine (which is why it’s great to do twists at the end of your yoga practice)
  • Relieves lower back pain (the increased circulation can relieve pressure)
  • energizes (most twists will leave you feeling energized and refreshed)
  • aids digestion
  • helps retain mobility in your back (a necessary skill for activities as simple as driving)

Contraindications of Twists

There are some people who should not do twists.

If you are pregnant of menstruating, you should not do twists. A gentle open twist (where you twist the opposite direction) is a good alternative.

People who have a herniated disk is also not recommended.

Another pose that is not as well known as simple twists is Sarpasana. It is a pose that can help prevent injury, especially in people who do a lot of yoga. You can read about this great pose in 9 Amazing Benefits of Sarpasana.



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