10 Ways to Use Yoga Bolsters

Yoga bolsters are amazing tools that can help you relax and deepen your yoga practice.

Yoga bolsters can take your yoga practice to a new level. I resisted buying a yoga bolster for a long time. In fact, I didn’t buy one until I was required to for my yoga teacher training. I would ask myself, “How often am I really going to use a bolster?” and “Can’t I just use a pillow instead?”

The answer to that question turned out to be, every day. Honestly, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t use my yoga bolster. Pillows just don’t cut it, they aren’t firm enough, and there are so many ways to use yoga bolsters.

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So how do I use my yoga bolster? Let me count the ways….

10 Ways to Use Yoga Bolsters

  • Savasana prop: Once you have had a supported Savasana, you will not want to go back to a “regular” Savasana. You should not lay on your back during the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Using yoga bolsters for a savasana prop

  • Meditation cushion: No need to buy an extra meditation cushion, your bolster does double duty.

Using yoga bolsters for a meditation cushion

  • Restorative Chair Yoga: I am honestly considering buying a bolster to leave at work. If I spent five minutes of my lunch break in this pose, I would be a much happier worker for the rest of the afternoon!

Using yoga bolsters for restorative chair yoga

  • Supported bridge: This is a favorite of mine! Make sure not to do this one if you are pregnant or on your cycle.

Using yoga bolsters for supported bridge pose

  • Reclining Heart Opener: Two blocks are used to prop up the bolster.

Using yoga bolsters for reclining heart openers

  • Modified Frog Pose: A bolster makes this uncomfortable pose a little more comfortable!

Using yoga bolsters for modified frog pose

  • Supported Twist: If you need more support under your leg, you can stack a blanket or two onto your bolster. You should avoid deep twists when pregnant.

Using yoga bolsters for supported reclining twists

  • Legs up the wall: This is a favorite for many people. It is especially great for people who are on their feet a lot. Again, not one for pregnancy or when you are on your cycle.

Using yoga bolsters for legs up the wall

  • Supported Child’s Pose: If you stay in this pose for an extended amount of time, switch your gaze to avoid getting an imbalance in your neck.

Using yoga bolsters for supported child's pose

  • Modified Bow Pose: Bow Pose can be uncomfortable for some people, this modification takes the pressure off your hip bones. (Avoid this pose if you are pregnant.)

Using yoga bolsters for supported bow pose

I did a lot of research before I bought my yoga bolster. A lot of reviews complained of bolsters being too squishy, lumpy, or smelling really strongly of chemicals. I ended up Bean Products Round Cylindrical Yoga Bolster. It has the perfect amount of firmness, doesn’t feel lumpy, and never had a chemical odor. I would definitely recommend this bolster.

If you have multiple bolsters and blankets you can do true restorative poses. Restorative yoga is currently my favorite type of yoga and is something that I do daily. I recently took a Restorative Yoga training. Check back soon for upcoming posts on Restorative Yoga poses.

For more ideas for yoga bolsters check out 9 Relaxing Yoga Bolster Pillow Poses.



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