Why Yoga is Good for Perfectionism

Are you a perfectionist? Yoga may just be the perfect thing for you!
Why Yoga Is Good for Perfectionism

I am a perfectionist. Often times when I get a new hobby my perfectionism kicks in and I end up not enjoying the activity. I am too concerned about being perfect at it that the joy is lost. For me, yoga is different. I would say that it has calmed my perfectionist tendencies.

Here’s how yoga has calmed my perfectionism:calming perfectionism

1. Yoga is a journey. There is no end goal for me to try to get to. Do I want to improve in my yoga? Yes. But, even if I wanted to reach perfection in yoga, it doesn’t exist. There is no perfect yogi. This has really helped me to slow down and enjoy the journey.

2. Yoga takes time. It’s not something that can be rushed. You need to put in the time and dedication if you want to improve. It’s impossible to be an expert without the time and dedication. And because it’s impossible to be an expert in the beginning, I can let go of the urge to be perfect.

3. When you get involved in a yoga community, you surround yourself with kind and accepting people. It’s easy to get caught up in perfection when you feel that everyone around you is judging you. In the yoga world, you are surrounded with acceptance. There is an understanding in this community that everyone is at their own place with yoga. There isn’t the pressure to “one-up” others. You are accepted for where you are at.

4. It forces me to take “me time.” It is the time of the day that I focus only on me. As a perfectionist, it can be easy to spend your whole day helping others around you. Yoga is a time for me. Period.

5. Two words: stress management. I don’t know about you, but I feel like my perfectionism and stress go hand in hand. This is threefold; before, during, and after my practice yoga acts as my stress management.

Before yoga, I have it to look forward to. In stressful moments of my day, I can remind myself that in a few hours I will have only my practice to focus on.

During yoga, I learn to stay calm while under stress. While I was showing my husband some of the new poses I had learn, he said, “Cool, but why would you do that if you didn’t need to?” I explained to him that a big part of yoga is breathing and staying calm even when you are put into an uncomfortable position. That really resonated with him. Ever since then I feel like he is more interested in practicing yoga himself. Practicing this is something that I really benefit from. It has helped me on and off the mat.

After yoga, I feel amazing. Both my body and mind feel great after yoga. I am more relaxed and have more energy. It sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true!

6. Yoga is humbling. In a class, there will be poses that you can do decently. Then your instructor will have you switch to something that doesn’t come nearly as easy. It can be disappointing. It’s good for me to feel this disappointment. During these times, I can focus on being content with where I am at. I think it’s a healthy way of showing myself that I am not perfect. And it’s okay.

I would highly recommend starting a regular yoga practice if you are a perfectionist like me.

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Why Yoga Is Good for Perfectionism

15 thoughts on “Why Yoga is Good for Perfectionism

  1. “Breathing and staying calm even when you are in an uncomfortable position..” YES!!! This is awesome. I loved this post.. I do yoga, but I don’t do it often enough and you’ve officially inspired me to get back to it. Glad I found your blog! 🙂

    1. It helps me so much in the rest of my life. If a can stay calm and breathe through uncomfortable poses, I can also breathe and stay calm in uncomfortable things in life! I am so happy to hear that I have inspired you to get back to yoga. Really, your comment made my day!

  2. Yes yes yes to everything! I have the same hyper-focus, perfectionist tendencies, and I asked my instructor to help me with life balance because I just had this feeling that this was the answer. Yoga & meditation is the one thing in life that gets me to just….let go.

  3. Great post! I agree with all of these. I love practicing yoga. It not only helps my stress, but keeps me flexible so I don’t have to see my chiropractor!

    1. So true. I tried somatic yoga and it had the same effects as seeing my chiropractor. I stopped going to him! I am thinking about writing a post on somatic yoga, as I think it has been the most beneficial type of yoga for my back! I would highly recommend trying it out. James Knight has really good youtube videos ( Martha Peterson is also good (

  4. I agree, Yoga can be such stress reliever because you are forced to quite your mind and focus. I love that you said feeling the disappointment is good for you. It works for me to motivate me to be better.

  5. This is why I prefer practicing yoga to jogging on the treadmill. Both have great physical benefits, but the mental benefits of yoga (coupled with meditation) help me step back from my perfectionist traits, even after I’m home from the gym!

  6. If you wish you could stop worrying about making mistakes and learn how to try something without being completely sure you will succeed, then yoga is a great way. Yoga helps you realize that doing your best is what matters most. It can help you overcome your perfectionist tendencies because it helps you recognize that doing your best is all that matters.

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