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Five Ways to Trick Yourself Into Drinking Water

Great tips for drinking more water! Such a hard thing to do, but there are some really great tips here that I would have never thought of!

5 Ways to Trick Yourself into Drinking Water, Plus a Free Tracking Printout!

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Drinking enough water has always been a challenge for me. When I don’t hydrate I get leg cramps (especially during yoga and when I sleep), I feel tired and sluggish, and I over eat. None of these are pleasant things. Recently I made it my healthy habit for the month to stay hydrated. I am happy to say that it is no longer a challenge for me to drink enough water. On this journey to hydration, I have picked up several tricks that I use every day. Keep reading to find out how to hydrate yourself on a daily basis and enjoy doing it!

Use an amazing water bottle

If you have a water bottle that you love, you will drink more water.  I just so happened to have  discovered the best water bottle on the planet! It’s a Swell bottle. It is seriously a perfect water bottle.

6 Reasons I Love Swell Bottles

  1. It is double insulated. Living in MN this is so helpful. Whether I leave it in a very hot or very cold car it is still the perfect temperature, even after several hours. It’s magical.
  2.  I also love the size of the opening. I can drink water, without it going all the way down my front. This is especially helpful when I am driving.
  3. The fact that it is all stainless is so great. I can’t stand drinking water from a plastic bottle. The water always ends up tasting like plastic. Gross.
  4. My Swell bottles (yes I have several, they are that good) fit perfectly in the cup holder in my car and don’t condense.
  5. They also look really nice. I have gotten several compliments on them, especially the one with the teakwood finish.
  6. The best part? Swell is just a downright good company. I received a new bottle in the mail that had a black mark on it that I couldn’t get off. After contacting them about the issue they immediately sent me out a new one and told me I could keep the other one. Swell also donates money to UNICEF, American Forests, and Drink Up.

Want one? Here’s the link.

Drink From a Straw

For some reason drinking water from a straw makes it go down easier. It seems like it takes less effort to drink from a straw. Maybe this is just me….

I love using straws. But I hate plastic. It’s bad for humans and for the environment. So what’s a girl to do? Use metal straws!!


Bonus Trick: Drink from mason jars. They are so cute, it makes water a little more fun.

Drink Tasty Water

When you drink tasty water, it seems more like a treat than water.

I have a few kinds of water that I buy that are uber tasty. (again, no affiliates here, I just love the products!)

  • Gerolsteiner
    • Gerolsteiner is a naturally carbonated water.
    • It has tons of naturally occurring minerals.
    • It’s a German company (but you can find it in the US). I visit Germany often and when I am there I can’t get enough of this water. I got my family in the US hooked on it too!
    • Buy some here!


  • Make water tasty with an Aquazinger
    • I found this product a few years ago and still use it.
    • You can mix in any fruit, cucumbers, mint, etc into the bottom of the bottle and it infuses your water.
    • When I brought this to work all my colleagues loved it and bought one too!
    • My favorite combination is strawberries and lemon!


Keep Track

Drink Up! Water Tracker

I have 5 glasses/water bottles that I drink from. So when I started to track how much water I was drinking, I spent 5 minutes figuring out how many ounces fit in each glass or water bottle. That way once I finished a container of water I knew exactly how much I just drank and could put it down on my printout. Grab this free printout here.

Set Goals

I have the following goals for myself:

12 oz. right away in the morning

24 oz. before lunch

12 oz. after lunch before I leave work

12 oz. before dinner

12 oz. after dinner

This way I’m not chugging water at the end of the day and up twelve times to pee during the night.


There you have it! I have had an aversion to water my whole life. But with these tricks, I am finally staying hydrated. So drink up!

Comment below if you have anything tricks that help you stay hydrated.

38 thoughts on “Five Ways to Trick Yourself Into Drinking Water

  1. You have a great looking water bottle. I have a gallon of water in my refrigerator. It must be drank everyday completely. Mornings are when I drink the most.

  2. I’ve never had a problem drinking water. I think I might be the only one who really likes it. (ha ha) When it gets a little boring, I throw some fruit or herbs into a pitcher of water and it really gives a lovely flavor. (mint, oranges, lemon, basil…)

  3. Great tips, I’m constantly working on this! I find I drink more if I put a little lemon in it! I also have to keep my bottle in sight or I forget!

  4. Ever since becoming pregnant I have stepped up on my water drinking game. I must say there are a lot of benefits to drinking more water and you give excellent tips on how to achieve the goal! awesome post 🙂

  5. There really is something to be said about a good water bottle. I recently purchased one I love and have definitely been drinking more water. Really great tips!

  6. Thank you for sharing! I drink so much water. Your suggestions for carbonated and flavored water are great. I love my 40oz hydro flask. It’s not really practical to carry around, but works perfectly to take to work so I can stay hydrated easily without constantly getting up to fill my cup. I haven’t tried the Swell bottles yet, but I have heard really good things. I will have to get one.

  7. Literally just bought this for my husband for his birthday. Love those SWELL bottles. They are awesome and I just met some of the reps from the German sparkling water company. They are really cool!

    1. I’m sure he will love it! I actually bought it for my husband too, but I end up using it every day!:-P So cool that you met the water reps! I am seriously in love with that water.

  8. Awesome ideas! Nice water bottles. I am fond of keeping different water containers too. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  9. I used to be really good about drinking a ton of water, but have recently found myself getting behind my daily intake goal more than I’d like. These are great tips and I’m definitely going to try some out!

  10. I am definitely going to have to check out those S’well bottles! I would love to get rid of my plastic water bottles. Those are all great tips — I really need to drink more water too. Infusing the water with fruit sounds genius!

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