October Yoga Report

Build your yoga practice one month at a time. Great inspiration for building a yoga practice!

Each month I am going to record some things about my journey. I’m going to do these posts for a couple of reasons; I want to keep a record of how I am progressing with my yoga, it will hold me accountable, and it gives you a very good look at what I am doing and how I am doing itYoga Report

Below you will find out the following things about the past month: goal poses that I am working on, what my home practice looked like, the yoga classes I attended, total time dedicated to fitness, and my healthy habit for the month.

 Check out what this girl is doing to improve her yoga practice. Great ideas!

Goal Poses: These are the poses that I am currently working on.

Splits: I am working on my splits every day. I am increasing my hold time by 5 seconds each day until I get to 5 minutes and then I will stay at 4 minutes. A block is used to support my weight so that I can relax in the pose. I am up to 4:25. I have really improved how far I can go into them on both sides. I still have a ways to go though!

Headstand: I am able to stay in my head stand for longer and longer. I still need to work on my confidence so that I can do headstand confidently without a wall.

Home Practice: This is what I am currently doing as my home practice.

This month my home practice was pure stretching. I stretch every night for about 15 minutes.

So my home practice looked a little different this month. It was mainly spent practicing sequences and transitions for my classes. I also continued to practice my goal poses.

Total time spent on home practice (excluding what is listed below): 7.75 hours


Yoga Classes Attended/Other Exercises: These are the classes that I attended this month and things I did to move my body

10/4: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

10/6: 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

10/7: 1-hour Yoga Practice during Yoga Teacher Training

10/8: 2-hours Yoga Practice during Yoga Teacher Training

10/9 2-hour Yoga Practice during Yoga Teacher Training

10/11- 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

10/12- 1-hour Power Yoga

10/13- 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

10/15- 20-minute Walk/Run

10/15- 20-minutes Bike Ride

10/16- 15-minute Walk

10/16- 45-minutes Yoga Home Practice

10/17- 15-minute Walk

10/18- 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

10/18- 15-minutes Walk

10/19- 1-hour Power Yoga

10/20- 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

10/21- 40-minute Walk

10/22- 30-minute Home Practice

10/23- 15-minute Walk

10/23- 45-minute Bike Ride

10/24- 15-minute Walk

10/25- 15-minute Walk

10/25- 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

10/26- 1-hour Power Yoga

10/26- 15-minute Walk

10/27- 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

10/27- 15-minute Walk

10/28- 15-Minute Walk

10/29- 1-hour Taught Vinyasa

10/29- 15-minute Walk

10/30- 25-minute Walk

10/30- 15-minute Swim


Total time in yoga classes this month: 18.25 hours

Total time doing Acro this month: 0 hours

Total time doing other exercises: 5.25 hours

Total time of home practice: 7.75 hours

Total time exercising: 31.25 hours

This month I added in a daily walk and daily stretching. I am loving having these two things in my routine. It wasn’t hard and it added a ton to my monthly totals. I also started swimming again. My goal is swimming once a week in November.

Healthy Habit:

Each month I will focus on a healthy habit. If I feel like it is second nature to me by the end of the month I will add in a new habit the next month. If I ever feel like I get am not doing so well with a past habit I will make it my monthly focus again.

This month I focused on adding in a morning routine to my day. I actually was able to do this on the first try! Here’s what it looks like:

test my PH level (I am trying to keep my body in an alkaline balance)

drink a few sips of water (in preparation for Agni Sara)

make my lunch and tea

do Agni Sara breathing (see below for video explanation)

get dressed

do hair/makeup

drink a green drink

have breakfast

brush teeth

do 15-minute meditation walk

It seems like a lot, but it doesn’t take me very long. From start to finish it takes an hour, I could probably do it in 45-minutes.

Here is a video on Agni Sara. This is a technique that my instructor for yoga teacher training wants us to work on every morning. It’s a challenge for me, but I am keeping up with the practice.

There you have it! My month of October recapped. Comment below and tell me about your October!

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