More Acro Yoga Videos

If you have read this post, you know that I am really digging Acro Yoga right now. My hubby and I have been to 4 classes and have done a little at home. Last weekend we even started working on some transitions. If you are interested in Acro, check out these three amazing Acro Yoga videos!

Check out these 3 amazing Acro Yoga Videos

Acro yoga is amazing! I could watch these videos all day!

Acro Yoga by Equinox

This is probably my all time favorite Acro Yoga video. These two are amazing. The connection between them is intense.

Sidenote: I hope to attend a yoga teacher training with them sometime in the future!

Acro Yoga with Chelsey and Matt Giordano

I love how the camera angle changes throughout the video. I like how they show the perspective of the base (the person doing the lifting) sometimes. It also has a cute ending.

Acro Yoga at 11,000 (Wanderlust)

How amazing would it be to do this at this setting?!

I could seriously watch these videos all day. Do you have a favorite Acro video? Have you made one yourself? Comment below!