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When you do yoga you have three choices for music; music with words, instrumental music, and no music. I believe that all three have their time and place. For example, Ashtanga is traditional done with no music and this is the way I prefer to do this type of yoga. When I am teaching my Vinyasa classes we have a basketball court directly above us (not ideal, I know), so I play instrumental yoga music. I find that music with lyrics doesn’t allow me or my students to concentrate on their body and breath.

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That being said, a lot of people like doing yoga with music with lyrics and lucky for those people it is very easy to find playlists for this. Finding playlist for instrumental yoga music is a lot harder! After doing a lot of searching, I gave up and started to make my own. Because I know that I can’t be the only one who wants this type of playlist, I have decided to share it with you! Enjoy!

Instrumental Yoga Music. This type of playlist is so hard to find!

20 Songs: Instrumental Yoga Music

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Quiet Place by Stanton Lanier

Memory by The O’Neill Brothers Group

Smile by The O’Neill Brothers Group

How Beautiful by The O’Neill Brothers Group

Slow Living (Relaxing Music Guitar) by Slow Life Music Specialist

Great Lives (Healing Music) by Slow Life Music Specialist

The Answer (Best Acoustic Guitar) by Slow Life Music Specialist

How to Meditate (Acoustic Guitar Songs) by Slow Life Music Specialist

Movement by Slow Life Music Specialist

Awareness by Slow Life Music Specialist

Mindful Life by Slow Life Music Specialist

Sensory Experience (Music for Meditation) by Slow Life Music Specialist

Spiritual Intelligence by Slow Life Music Specialist

Slow Mouvement by Slow Life Music Specialist (no this isn’t a typo!)

Friend Voice in my Head by Slow Life Music Specialist

Slow Guitar by Slow Life Music Specialist

Love Guitar by Slow Life Music Specialist

No Stress by Slow Life Music Specialist

Yoga and Contemplation by Slow Life Music Specialist

Watermark (Instrumental Version) by Yoga Sounds


What music do you like to listen to while you do yoga? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Instrumental Yoga Music

  1. Perfect timing Abby. I have create new playlists for my yoga classes on my to-do list. I like a variety of music for teaching and practicing. It all depends on the type of class, the energy of the students and sometimes, my mood.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

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