6 Ways to Find Time For Yoga

Below you will read 6 ways to find time for yoga.

Finding time for yoga or any type of exercise can seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have checked out my April Yoga Report, you know that I spend a lot of time doing yoga and exercising.

6 Ways to find time for yoga

I work full time as a second-grade teacher, teach after-school classes and I put in at least 20 hours into my blog each week. How do I fit in 30+ hours of yoga/exercise in a month?

I would like to point out that I recognize that not everyone will be able to devote 30+ hours to fitness each month. If your work schedule is even crazier than mine, if you have kids, are planning a wedding, etc. it can be challenging. I get it. Don’t get discouraged, do the best that you can. Use my tips below to improve and start making it a priority in your life.

In order to fit in lots of yoga and exercise, I eliminated some things from my life and I added in some organization.

I eliminate:

tv (Netflix, movies)

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching a good show or movie and still occasionally sit down to watch something. But it is not my routine now. I don’t sit down to watch something every night as a way to wind down. Maybe once a week or every other week I will watch something. And honestly, I enjoy it more when I watch. It seems special and more enjoyable.


Facebook is highly addictive for me. I can be scrolling through my feed for 30 minutes and realize that I am not even paying attention to what I am seeing. I see Facebook as a great way to connect with friends, but it can be (and most of the time for me) a mindless activity with no connection. I tried allowing myself once a day to check in, but I found myself checking my feed multiple times a day. What works best for me is checking it once a week, usually on the weekend. This way, I don’t miss the major things people post, and I don’t get sucked in during the week.

time that I am overly tired

At night, I often hit a wall. I am too exhausted to do anything, but I don’t go to bed. I end up wasting an hour or two just sitting/laying on the couch literally doing nothing. I am even too tired to get ready for bed. I don’t find these times relaxing because I am just too tired to enjoy it. I found that if I get ready for bed before I hit this wall, I am much more likely to go to bed when I feel too tired to do anything. I then get a better nights sleep and wake up feeling ready to go.

I add in:

weekend checklist

I use part of my weekend to get prepared for the week. I have a spreadsheet that I use to help me stay organized in what needs to get done. My list includes:

My list includes:


clean sheets





clean bathrooms

take out the garbage, recycling, and compost

water plants

wipe down inside and outside of the fridge

give the stove a really good wipe down

wipe out the microwave

make a grocery list

grocery shop

prepare a big bowl of veggies to eat throughout the week

hard-boil a bunch of eggs

clean out my purse

plan my outfits for the week

pluck my eyebrows

do my nails

I don’t do all of it every weekend. Every week, I have a column, items that get completed get a check, items that I don’t do get an “X”. That way I can keep track over a longer period of time what needs to be done. For example, I don’t wash my sheets every week. I wash them every other week and my spreadsheet helps me easily see if it needs to be done that weekend.


I commute 20 minutes to work. When you are trying to maximize your time, this can seem like a huge waste. Which is why I love podcasts. I have several that I really enjoy; Planet Money, Ted Radio Hour, and Freakonomics are some of my all time favorites.  Honestly, I feel like it has replaced watching TV for me. I took a time that seemed like a waste and turned it into something that I enjoy and that is really educational.

exercise with family and friends

I love spending quality time with family and friends. I try to get in physical activity while hanging out with others as much as possible. Exercising is more fun with a buddy (I think). I get to share what I love (yoga) with my friends and family. You are more likely to push yourself in your workouts if you have a buddy. Plus, it holds you accountable to doing the workout in the first place!

There you go! These are the things that I do (and don’t do) on a daily basis that make it possible for me to get in a workout or two each day.

Are you not working out because you lack the energy at the end of your work day? Now that I am doing physical activity daily, my energy levels have gone up.

If you haven’t been physically active on a regular basis, don’t go from 0 to 60 too fast. If you are interested in seeing how I increased my physical activity over time, without getting injured, check out this post.

What do you do to maximize your time? Comment below!



6 ways to find time for yoga